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Your clients don't need to use all 50+ tools you do. They just need to open Nimbus in their browser
  • One-link access for your clients
  • Our collaboration tool makes it easy to give feedback on any element
  • Easily transform feedback into action items for project management
  • Send emails to the client portal and keep all information in one place

Satisfied clients are the best strategy and source of growth for your business!

Empower your business with the best online tools

  • Connect your own CNAME and SMTP server to Nimbus pages
  • Add your branding & logo and erase mentions of Nimbus
  • Integrate your favorite marketing tools and better interact with your audience via our collaboration software
  • Embed all-in-one Nimbus documents to your platforms and bring flexibility to them

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Frequently Asked Questions

What solutions does Nimbus Platform include?
Nimbus Platform is an information management and team collaboration software. Build your knowledge base and easily share your data with the best online collaboration tools from Nimbus:
  • Nimbus Note organizes documentation and provides an all-in-one digital work hub. Use this project collaboration tool online on the web.
  • Nimbus Capture is an app for capturing screenshots & screen recordings. This asynchronous collaboration tool helps you explain things better and with ease. You can use the app for online team collaboration as a software app for Windows or as a Chrome extension.
  • Nimbus Clipper extension saves web pages, articles, emails and PDFs. It’s an online tool that can be used for collaboration too. Save only necessary content from the page without irrelevant images or ads. Add it to another team collaboration software β€” Nimbus Note and share your findings with coworkers. Use the Nimbus Clipper collaboration tool online as a Chrome or Firefox extension.
How to use Nimbus Platform for team collaboration?
Nimbus Platform is a team collaboration software with multiple products. Thus, it provides a lot of features for teamwork. Invite colleagues to your workspace in the Nimbus online collaboration tool and manage data together. Furthermore, start asynchronous collaboration by leaving comments on text blocks to let colleagues answer when convenient. Or communicate in our collaboration tool online via chats. Finally, assign tasks with Task lists, @ mentions and more. Use Nimbus Platform team collaboration software for getting work done!
How to use Nimbus Platform for clients?
Nimbus Platform offers you Client Portals β€” coding-free websites for businesses. This is your perfect tool for online collaboration with clients and professional product presentation.

Use it to provide your clients with needed content based on super pages from your Nimbus Note. Edit work documents in this online tool for collaboration and all changes will automatically appear on your portal! BTW, the portals are fully-customizable online collaboration tools: you can add your logo, branding and even custom domain (CNAME). Demonstrate a competent approach to customer communication and build client trust!
Is Nimbus Platform a free online collaboration tool?
Nimbus team collaboration software has a Free plan to explore its key features. It is available after a no-cost 14-day business trial, which lets you experience all the platform's powers. Then, you can choose a Free plan, but to get the best global collaboration with the online tool, consider the Pro or Business options that have more to offer. Try Nimbus Platform as an online collaboration tool when working with colleagues and clients and decide which plan of our team collaboration software best suits your needs.
How to contact support?
Email our collaboration software team at Describe your problem here or contact the collaboration tool team online via social media - found on Nimbus Platform site's footer. The guides of our software for team collaboration can help you too, ensure to check them out!