A few tips on properly organizing notes in Nimbus Note

Any user of Nimbus Note (or any other similar services for that matter) sooner or later comes to the point when they need to properly organize their notes. Sure, if you have 50-100 of those, it’s not such a big of a deal – you have all your notes right in front of you anyway. But what if you have 500 or even 1,000? Not always will you be able to find your way through them as quickly as you’d prefer. There surely is the search feature, but if there are way too may notes and your search query is too generic, you will end up with dozens of notes that will take time to sort through.

Down below we will tell you about ways to organize your notes in Nimbus Note that will allow filtering out the unnecessary while locating just what you need at any moment.

Source: http://www.floridaescaperooms.com

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