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It will soon have been a year since the appearance of Live Start Page. All this time we have been working hard to make your work more efficient and pleasant at the same time. Working on the app requires a lot of resources and investment, which is why we decided to introduce a special paid plan. It will cost only $1.99 a month. At this point the cost of subscription is usually compared to some other merchandise (like a movie ticket), but the cost in this case is so low, we did not even find anything that comes even close 🙂

Download Live Start Page –

At the same time, the paid plan offers lots of options. We would like to stress that all the features that were available in the free version will also remain free here. This is an important matter to us.

Premium features in Live Start Page:

Synchronization of sites and groups in visual bookmarks – you can sync your sites and groups with other browsers and PCs. For instance, having added new sites to Chrome on one PC, you will be able to see them all in Firefox on another PC.

Task synchronization in visual bookmarks – you can achieve your goals from the to-do list easily! Using synchronization you can access your tasks from anywhere – any PC with Live Start Page installed.

Synchronization of themes and settings – no more need to set Live Start Page for every PC. You changed a theme on one computer? It will be just the same on the other one. Changed clock on Live Start Page for Chrome? You’ll get the same clock on your Live Start Page for Firefox.

Search engine change – now you can decide for yourself which search engine to use – Google, Yahoo or maybe Bing?!

PowerOff – speed dials, tasks and other information of the kind is private and no ones else should be able to access it! But if someone does decide to read your speed dials, for instance, our PowerOff feature will come to rescue. Just set a  pass code, and no one will ever see your private information while you are gone until the right combination is entered. What a great way to keep your things private!

Extended weather forecast – it’s nice to see what the weather currently is, but you always want more! Using the special extended weather forecast, you can find out what the weather is going to be like during the week, as well as learn about additional parameters, like wind direction and speed.

The list of premium features will keep expanding.

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