Nimbus Suite solutions for the blended education

The coronavirus pandemic that began in March 2020 caused the largest disruption of the education system in history, affecting almost 1.6 billion students in more than 190 countries. The closure of schools and other educational institutions affected 94 percent of students worldwide and up to 99 percent in low- and lower-middle-income countries.

According to a policy brief by the United Nations (August 2020), school closures will not only have immediate economic consequences, but also long-lasting effects. Education accounts for a third of key dimensions in the Human Development Index. For the first time since its conception, the Human Development Index will likely show a striking drop (Figure 1).

Such disappointing forecasts required a quick response from educational institutions.

Figure 1. Human development is facing an unprecedented hit since the concept was introduced in 1990

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New camera in Nimbus Clipper for Android – a convenient pocket scanner for your documents

These days, smartphone cameras could easily replace the standard snapshot cameras. Pictures taken with cellphones, especially with proper lighting, are pretty good in quality. So, it comes as no surprise that smartphone cameras can be effectively used for purposes beyond taking regular snapshots. For instance, you could scan some document or bill. This is what a new Nimbus Clipper mode called “Document scanner” is for.

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Using Nimbus Note to get things done or Nimbus Note and GTD

GTD (Getting Things Done) is a time management method developed by a productivity consultant and  writer that authored a book by the same name, David Allen.

The main principle of GTD states – one should not overburden themselves with what needs to be done rather than just add it to the list. All attention should be focused on actually completing a single task at hand.


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New Nimbus Note for iPhone – web-cliper and timeout for passcode

Nimbus Web Clipper now in iPhone

Saving various information from the internet is one of the most popular features in Nimbus Note. While special separate clippers are used for desktop browsers, we decided not to make a separate app for iPhone, packing the clipper right into the app itself.

By tapping on the Web-clipper icon you get to our browser and can open the internet page  you need. At that point you can:

– Save an article from a site (similar to Pocket or Instapaper);
– Save just the selected text fragment;
– Save a screenshot of the internet page;

You can also set folder and tags for your future note.


You can set time-out for the pass code feature.

The pass code feature is undoubtedly useful if you do not want for anyone else to gain access to your notes. But it may not be very convenient to be asked for the pass code every time when opening the app. In the new version of Nimbus Note you can set the pass code timeout yourself.

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Saving information from a browser using Nimbus Clipper

One of the main purposes of Nimbus Note is to save all kinds of information. You can save information the usual way: by typing text in Nimbus Note apps, as well as using our neat Nimbus Clipper. Keep reading to find out more!

Our web clipper is available from various platforms. But it’s most often used in desktop browsers. In this article we will describe how to save information using a specific internet page as an example.

Today we’ll be trying to save various types of information from a site

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Working with Nimbus Note: our personal experience

We are often asked “Are you yourselves using your service and if so, then how exactly?” We definitely do, and the service was originally conceived for personal needs, becoming public over time when we realized many users could benefit from our know-how. In this little article I will tell you more about how I personally use the service to organize our work.

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New Nimbus Note for Android – work with images and improved location-based reminders

A new version of Nimbus Note for Android has been released. In this version, special attention was given to location-based reminders and working with pictures in notes.

Editing pictures in Nimbus Clipper

Our Nimbus Clipper app has long been a valuable tool when working with Nimbus Note. Now, besides being able to save articles from the Internet and working with PDF, you can change pictures straight from within a note. Just tap on the required note and it will open in a convenient editor. There you can put text or various elements right on the picture or, for instance, blur a fragment of it.

Rotating/replacing/removing pictures

Didn’t like a photo’s perspective? Need to get rid of unnecessary pictures in an article? It’s no longer a problem! In the new version of Nimbus Note, you can rotate pictures, replace them with other ones or remove the ones you do not need. It’s all in your hands!

Improved location-based reminders

We did some serious work on that important feature. Your geo location is now determined much more precisely without draining your battery.

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