New version of Nimbus Note for Windows

We are happy to inform you that a new version of Nimbus Note for Windows! We added some important features:

– Clipper for Microsoft Outlook – you can save your emails to Nimbus Note;

– With the help of Format Painter you will be able to quickly copy formatting of one piece of text (such as its color or font size) to another one. You just need to select the portion of the text you’d like to copy formatting from, then pressand then select the portion of the text you’d like to copy the formatting to. If you need to change style in a few places, you need to use the combination of Ctrl +

To exit this mode, use ESC

– You can change default font;

– Other improvements;

Download Nimbus Note –

Doctors: Get Organized With The Nimbus Note

There are a lot of professionals who have a very busy work schedule. And medical professionals are special in this respect. It is difficult not to agree that medical profession is one of the most important occupations, because its main value is human life. How can Nimbus Note help a doctor? It turns out that they have a lot in common.

How not to drown in the ocean of information?

That is quite difficult today, because the number of information sources is growing every day. A doctor who wants to keep abreast of the latest advances in medicine can easily turn Nimbus Note to his advantage. For example, you can create a folder called Medical News and store your notes there. Each record can be made manually, imported from a text editor, or attached as a link or a picture. Adding a tag in the form of a disease name will facilitate the search for right notes in a folder.

Medical encyclopedia in your pocket

Even the most experienced doctor has to consult an encyclopedia or reference book from time to time. In a Nimbus Note folder called My Encyclopedia, a doctor will be able to collect all the information that is useful to them in their work. In this folder can also be stored articles from the Internet, links to them, as well as attachments containing needed information. If necessary, you will be able to easily find any data using a key word.

Medical records

In his work, a doctor has to deal with a huge number of patients. Each of them has their own medical record as well as a treatment plan. To keep in mind such an amount of information is very difficult, and a doctor’s forgetfulness may cost too much. In order not to miss anything important, you can create a card catalogue of your patients using Nimbus Note. Each card will contain not only the patient’s data, physician records but also any attachments (x-rays, test results in the form of scans, etc.).

What else can Nimbus Note do for you?

Besides, you can also use its great working tools, such as Nimbus Clipper and Nimbus Screenshot. These tools will help the user save necessary scans and video clips. These applications are extremely simple and functional. In addition, there is a wonderful list of important things in Nimbus Note called TODO. It will help a doctor not to miss anything because of their busy work schedule.

Ease of synchronization

It is difficult to overestimate such a Nimbus Note function as synchronization. Because of this function, the availability of your data is made possible at any time from any device from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. Therefore, a Nimbus Note account enables you to always have your electronic notebooks with you. And probably the best thing is that now it is impossible to leave it somewhere or lose it.

Nimbus Note –


The Hard Life Of The Teacher, And How To Fix It With Nimbus Note

The teacher’s work through the prism of Nimbus Note

It is hard to imagine a teacher in whose life there is no room for planning. This profession is perhaps more in need of strict information structuring than any other one. Otherwise it will be impossible to store data in your head and somehow use them in the future. That’s why today we decided to talk about the way Nimbus Note application and the teacher’s professional work may be related to each other.

It appears that it’s possible to kill two birds with one stone…

… If you properly structure all the necessary information and schedule critical tasks. Nimbus Note will always come to the aid of a creative person who has a lot of plans and projects to work on. A professional teacher fits easily into the category of creative individuals. You will just have to make a separate folder for each project and put there any useful information in a convenient format. And label tags will help you find the data you need within seconds. A teacher will benefit greatly from Nimbus tools that will allow them to create and save videos and scans for adding clarity.

Dossier or psychological portfolio?

Working as a teacher is a very big responsibility, because students’ psychological health will depend on the teacher’s thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and the level of professionalism. It is thanks to a concerted effort by teachers and parents that spoon-fed preschoolers grow into responsible adolescents adapted to life. Errors, omissions, and indifference in this respect may cost too much. A dossier will help a wise teacher not miss anything important and create an objective psychological profile of each student. In individual Nimbus Note folders, a teacher can store their observations, thoughts, and conclusions with regard to each of their pupils. The value of such records for a parent cannot be overestimated.

Doing the impossible

Because of their busy schedule, a teacher has little chance to be distracted by extraneous sources of information. They simply don’t have enough time to study new trends, useful teaching methods, and their colleagues’ valuable observations in the field of education. Otherwise, you will have to sacrifice the interests of your own family and personal life. Needless to say that a pedagogue who is conservative will have less chance of winning favor with their students than a teacher who always enthralls their pupils with something interesting. How can you break the vicious circle and do the impossible? How can you find a few more hours in order to get inspiration that is so important in your work? And what if you create some Nimbus Note folders containing useful things and have a look at them from time to time? It seems to us that we have no free time at all. However, if we closely monitor our actions for several days, we will discover that our valuable time is wasted when we are on our way home or to work or while we wait at a doctor’s office or stand in a queue at a bank. Fortunately, Nimbus Note is available always and everywhere. For example, it will give you an opportunity to read your notes from your tablet or mobile phone right when you travel on public transport.

Nimbus Note available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows and through a web browser –

Meet Our Updated Android App!

We are happy to inform you that a new version of Nimbus Note for Android.

What’s different:

– More user-friendly design;
– You can now create audio and video notes;
– You can create TODO notes and checklists;
– You can attach files to your notes;
– More convenient TODO task management. You can create and edit new tasks right from the editor;
– A highlight feature was added to the editor. Now you can highlight portions of text using a special marker. If you do not see the marker, just scroll across the format panel from right to left;
– The editor changed drastically, becoming much faster and more convenient to use;
– Autosave feature was added to the editor. When the autosave feature is enabled, all changes made will be saved automatically and will not be lost even if you exit the application;
– Quick note panel widget;

Download Nimbus Note –

New version of Nimbus Screenshot

We are happy to inform you that a new version of Nimbus Screenshot for Chrome and Firefox.

What’s different?

– Shape shadows can now be controlled. You can change the size of a shadow and its color.

– A square/rectangle shape with rounded corners can be created.

Download Nimbus Screenshot for Google Chrome –

Download Nimbus Screenshot for Mozilla Firefox –

New version of Nimbus Clipper

We are happy to let you know the clipper for Google Chrome and Opera has been updated (updates for Firefox and Opera will follow). Two important features have been added to the clipper:

Marker (highlight)

You often need to highlight specific fragments in an article. You could of course do it once the article is saved, but now you can do it right in the clipper’s window!

Tasks for saved pages

Among the fun features of Nimbus Note there is creating a separate task list for every note. If before tasks could be added only in Nimbus Note apps, they can now be created before notes are sent to Nimbus Note.

Download Nimbus Clipper for Google Chrome –

Download Nimbus Clipper for Opera –


Subfolders for Android and iOS


We are happy to let you know we have added subfolder support in Nimbus  Note for iOS and Android.

How to create them? It’s very simple, really.

For iOS

Swipe on the name of the required folder. In the menu that appears press +Subfolder and enter the subfolder name in the form.

For Android

It’s  even  simpler for Android: make a long tap on the needed folder and press Create Subfolder.

Nimbus Note for iOS –

Nimbus Note for Android –

We launched Nimbus Note for Android!

We are glad to introduce our Nimbus Note for Android.

Download Nimbus Note for Android

Main features:

– Capture all your ideas with photo and text notes;
– Offline access to your notes;
– Use tags to label so that you can find your notes easily;
– Create your TODO list for every note;
– Protect your notes with lock screen;
– Specify a location for every note on map;
– Sync notes across any mobile devices and

Nimbus Clipper with email saving and password protection note features

We glad to inform you about some important updates of our products:

1) Our web-clipper today can send emails using Gmail and Yandex services to your Nimbus account. At the same time all attached files are saved. You need to open your email (currently Gmail and Yandex are supported), then press the Clipper button. In the preview window, you will be able to edit the text of your note and specify which attachments have to be sent to Nimbus and which ones don’t.

Download Nimbus Clipper for Chrome

2) We add feature of your public note saving using password. It’s not infrequent that you need to share a note with someone else. This is what public notes are for in Nimbus. However, there are also cases when a note contains confidential information that should not be seen by neither a potential competitor nor the ubiquitous Google bot. For cases like that, we came up with the option of password protecting your public notes. To do this, you need to share a note in web interface (only there, for now) and check the Set password box, then enter the desired password.

Web-interface –