Golden rules for preventing pre-vacation syndrome

This May keeps treating us to unusually warm weather. In such circumstances, it’s impossible not to succumb to pre-vacation syndrome, even though the actual vacation season is still far away. How do you avoid going nuts in the office while thinking about what totally feels like summer outside the window? It’s not as hard as it might seem. All you need to do is follow a few simple rules that will help you carry yourself through the warm summer days with enjoyment even though you might not be on vacation just yet.


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Live Start Page Pro

It will soon have been a year since the appearance of Live Start Page. All this time we have been working hard to make your work more efficient and pleasant at the same time. Working on the app requires a lot of resources and investment, which is why we decided to introduce a special paid plan. It will cost only $1.99 a month. At this point the cost of subscription is usually compared to some other merchandise (like a movie ticket), but the cost in this case is so low, we did not even find anything that comes even close 🙂

Download Live Start Page –

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Full-fledged FVD Speed Dial now in Opera

We are happy to announce we finally launched FVD Speed Dial for Opera. It was impossible due to technical reasons for a long time, but we managed to solve all the issues over time. The basic features are practically identical to the Google Chrome version:

– app opens on a new tab;
– customizable interface;
– 3D mode and parallax effect;
– synchronization and backup;

and a lot more. If you discover any errors or issues, please contact our support service right away.

Download FVD Speed Dial for Opera –

Pokémons – now on Live Start Page

There aren’t too many people unaware of Pokémon Go – dozens of millions of people all over the world run around every day looking for rare and more common pokémons. We decided not to keep up with the trends, so now you can enjoy your favorite pokémons without leaving your PC.

Our first wallpaper is dedicated to the cutest of them all – Pikachu. He’s so cute and sweet, you won’t even want to see any kind of background around to be charmed out of your mind. You can already start looking forward to new Pokémon GO characters on Live Start Page.

Download Live Start Page –


Meditation mode in Live Start Page

These days, doctors strongly recommend taking good care of yourself and replenishing your natural resources regularly. For that to happen,  need to have some rest every once in a while, especially considering the hectic time we live in. It’s much more useful to take short frequent breaks rather than long and rare ones. That way you could at least avoid a nervous breakdown or a state of emotional exhaustion. Neither of those, as a matter of fact, responds very well to any known form of treatment…

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