Everhelper.Me – New Web Interface!

We have been testing Everhelper.me for a while now and are finally ready to launch it. Now you can access your bookmarks and dials from any computer, even if it doesn’t have our addons installed. Moreover, you can save bookmarks without using FVD Speed Dial or EverSync addons. Just register an account with us (it’s 100% free) and get the best of all the opportunities that our service provides. And if you have already had a great experience of using our addons and syncing with their help, you won’t even have to bother about getting registered! Simply use the account you already have.

Main features of our product:

  • Allows creating bookmarks and dials online – both for storing and for further syncing.
  • Allows creating private bookmarks and dials that can only be viewed in Everhelper interface.
  •  Provides additional backup of your bookmarks by archiving them.
  •  Syncs bookmarks and dials with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Bookmarks and dials are just the first step in the development of our new product. We will keep on adding new features and functions that will make sure you never lose the information you need. It will always be there, just a couple of clicks away from you!

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