Live Start Page – a superb way to relax

When was the last time you had some real rest?

The kind of rest when your whole body relaxes, from your brain down to every muscle… The kind of rest that provides welcome distraction from work. The kind when you are filled with positive emotions and new impressions…

There aren’t too many people among us that can afford to take a real vacation several times a year… In the meantime, doctors strongly recommend taking good care of yourself and replenishing your natural resources regularly. For that to happen we need to have some rest every once in a while, especially considering the hectic time we live in. It’s much more useful to take short frequent breaks rather than long and rare ones.  That way you could avoid a nervous breakdown or a state of emotional exhaustion.  Neither of those, as a matter of fact, responds very well to any known form of treatment…

Ideally we all need a chance to fully “reboot” at least once an hour. But how can anyone afford this kind of unattainable luxury in a place of business? The employer should not be expected to take kindly to the idea of organizing a siesta for the employees every hour during a work day. This is why we came up with Live Start Page: to help you relax even during your regular working hours literally without taking your eyes off the monitor.

Our “live page” will take the harmful element of a static image in front of you out of the equation, offering much needed relaxation to the eyes and welcome emotional reboot to the brain. At your disposal there is a vast library with 500 various themes that will let you relax and travel without leaving the office space. Contemplating elements of nature in all their beauty, natural phenomena and the most picturesque places on our planet will positively affect your psycho emotional state.

A Live Start Page will also aid in relaxing your vision, calming your nerves and getting distracted from the mundanity and routine. As surprising as it may seem, only a few minutes of such meditation in front of the screen are incredibly useful for an office worker. This kind of emotional break can also boost your work efficiency. Switching your brain from one activity to another is incredibly good for the nervous system and can increase your overall stress resistance.  You must agree this is pretty important in the era of constant stress.

By the way, do you happen to know which part of our body in charge of generating our emotions? It’s our brain. And its most active aides in this process are our senses, among which vision plays first fiddle. Our “grey matter” and eyes can generate smells and tastes for us! You can easily check and see for yourself by changing themes in Live Start Page.

You will soon realize that a live start page can “program” your mood, generate welcome positive emotions and new impressions!

Take better care of yourself! Spare your nerves! Allow yourself to fully relax even in the middle of a work day. You can turn even most routine and tedious work into pleasure.

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