Meditation mode in Live Start Page

These days, doctors strongly recommend taking good care of yourself and replenishing your natural resources regularly. For that to happen,  need to have some rest every once in a while, especially considering the hectic time we live in. It’s much more useful to take short frequent breaks rather than long and rare ones. That way you could at least avoid a nervous breakdown or a state of emotional exhaustion. Neither of those, as a matter of fact, responds very well to any known form of treatment…

Ideally every one of us needs to fully “reboot” at least once an hour, or even better – every 30-40 minutes. We added a meditation mode to our Live Start page for this very purpose. One click and you are looking at your browser window with nothing but the live background. You can admire elements of nature, natural phenomena and the planet’s most picturesque locations, which will positively affect your psycho emotional state.

Meditation mode will take the harmful effects of a sedentary job that involves working a lot on a computer out of the equation, offering much needed relaxation to the eyes and a welcome emotional reboot to the brain. At your disposal there is a vast library with 500 various themes that will let you relax and travel without leaving the office space.

Meditation mode is still working in beta and we are planning to add numerous new features. We will be happy to hear your suggestions.

Download Live Start Page for Google Chrome –

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