We launched Nimbus Note channel on IFTTT

We are pleased to announce that a Nimbus Note channel appeared within the popular IFTTT service. At the moment, one action is available – creating a new note. IFTTT’s principle of operation is very simple. Each task, which is referred to as a ‘recipe’, consists of two parts – a ‘trigger’ and an ‘action’. The ‘trigger’ is a specific condition that results in execution of a specific  action.

Simply put, activation of a ‘trigger’ leads to execution of an ‘action’. – “If this… then that… ” One action is currently available for Nimbus Note – creating a new note. So, you can automatically send new e-mails from Gmail to Nimbus Note, as well as Github tasks or new articles from GetPocket.

Link – https://ifttt.com/nimbus_note


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