Organize your life with Nimbus Note for PC

What’s the one most important thing when you have a lot of notes? Not to get lost among them, of course! True, we have a very efficient search feature, but resorting to it should be seen as an extreme measure, when all the other available methods have been exhausted.

In this article we will offer some useful tips on how to better organize your notes. We will be using Nimbus Notes for Windows as an example.

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Folders and subfolders

You probably already know that you can create an infinite folder structure, and we suggest taking advantage of this possibility :). For instance, if you collect recipes, you just need to create a main folder called Recipes and create subfolders like Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy etc.


You can use tags to add more context to your notes. If we use recipe notes as an example, you could make ingredients used into tags. For instance, tags like Tomato, Garlic or Green Pepper may be ingredients for meat dishes and vegetarian ones. Keeping in mind the great variety of tools we offer to work with tags (adding/subtracting etc), you will soon appreciate the convenience of using them for organizing your notes.

Manual sorting of notes

Let’s say you add recipes every day, but there are still several dozen of them that you use almost daily and you want to be able to see them at all times. If that was a problem before, now you can manually build your note list. You just need to use a feature called Sort by user: it will allow you to manually define positions for the required notes. Manual sorting of notes is available for folders/subfolders as well as tags.

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