Searching more efficiently in Nimbus Note for Web and mobile devices

Search is among the most important features for services like Nimbus Note. As the number of notes increases, it’s getting more and more difficult to locate the ones you need. Even multi-level organization of folders and tags does not always help, so you have to rely on search as a faster way. However, there is a small problem here as well – if there are way too many notes, there will be lots of search results, and once again you will be back to square one, sorting through those notes.

To avoid all that, we introduced a number of special search operators that will be sure to help you. At the time they are available for the web client and mobile applications.

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OR operator

hello | world

This operator will help if you need notes that contain a range of words you are searching for, For instance, if you enter in the search field news | cnn | bloomberg, you will be able to view all notes containing those words.

NOT operator

hello -world

For instance, you need to locate all notes that contain the word news, but there is no word cnn in them. You just need to type in news -cnn to get the required result.

Exact phrase operator

“hello world”

The operator will show among the search results only those that contain the exact phrase entered. For example, “cnn news”.

Strict order operator

aaa << bbb << ccc

Let’s say you know that the note you need contains the word news and then cnn, or vice versa. In the search field, you type in news << cnn to be able to view the notes you need.

If you need any additional operators, please tell us more in the comments or contact our support service.

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