Free Nimbus Business version during COVID-19 outbreak

Free Nimbus BUSINESS version DURING COVID-19 (coronavirus) quarantine

Let's stay safe during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak together! Nimbus Web Inc would like to support businesses during these difficult times that have affected all of us.

Switching to remote and online work environments is the right decision to make—and it can be potentially life-saving. That's why we're offering businesses a free business version of our services for the next few months. We will continue to monitor the situation and give you decent discounts after the Coronavirus outbreak ends.

Get Nimbus Note for my business

How Nimbus Note can assist you with your business processes

Nimbus Note is a flexible yet comprehensive information repository that helps you simplify your work and bring your team together. Let us explain how Nimbus Note can assist you with your business processes:

  • Organize all aspects of your business into individual workspaces and folders.

  • Make Nimbus Note part of your brand. Let your team and customers access it through your domain. You can also add your logo and branding banners to sign-in pages, public folders, and public notes.
    *Branding is coming soon

  • Quickly create task lists and use the @mention feature to assign duties to different teammates.

  • Add screenshots and videos to your knowledge base. Create a personal learning environment and use video to easily explain onboarding to new members.

  • Nimbus Note doesn’t use a simple HTML editor that limits functionality. Our all-new editor was built from the ground up to support objects and attachments, so you can include whatever you want in your notes. Write and format text, capture and insert screenshots, or take photos with a camera. Embed PDFs and other documents into your notes. Record audio. The all-new editor enables you to collaborate with others to edit your notes at the same time. Post comments in your notes to cultivate better communication and collaboration.

  • Share your notes and folders with others outside of your Nimbus account. For extra protection, secure those shares with password.

  • At Nimbus Note, we maintain the highest commitment to keeping your data safe. This encryption is always active—both when data is transmitted and when it is in storage.

  • Invite outside clients and guests without having to pay for them as team members.
    *Client portal functionality is coming soon.

  • Nimbus Note is available on the most popular platforms and devices.

  • Capture customer feedback to use as input to improve future projects. Gather insights, then analyze and summarize results.

  • How much more effective would your teammates and engineers be if they could access customer feedback? Nimbus Note makes it much easier to document and share customer feedback with your team. Use @mentions to bring a key insight to the attention of one or more teammates. Readily discuss feedback among the entire group, and link interviews to requirements so that everyone can review the same background information.

Get Nimbus Note for my business
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