1. Your Data Always Remains Yours

We do not own your data in any way. Putting notes and other content into Nimbus Note does not entail any form of content ownership or change its copyright status. If the data was originally yours, it will still be yours after you put it in Nimbus Note. Of course, if the data wasn’t originally yours, putting it in Nimbus Note will certainly not make it yours. This applies to all of our products and services.

By using our products, you give Nimbus Note your express permission to do certain things with your data, which is something we absolutely need to efficiently run our service. For example, you give us permission to back your data up, send it over a network, index it for searching, display it on your various devices, etc. Some of the abovementioned operations may involve us sending your data to our regular business partners, such as a network operator, that we contracted with to provide parts of the Nimbus Note Service. Before any of this happens, we’ll always make sure that under these contracts your ownership rights are protected.

Apart from giving us permission to perform that limited number of operations, which allows us to efficiently run the Nimbus Note Service, you retain all the rights to your data.

2. Your Data is Secure

Everything you put into Nimbus Note is private by definition. We are not a “big data” company determined to turn your content into more money. Your data is automatically analyzed by our systems in order to improve your experience and our features, such as search, as well as to timely inform you about important products and features that we believe will enrich your Nimbus Note experience. We still never share your content with any third parties for advertising purposes, for money or otherwise.

We adhere to a somewhat old-fashioned business model: we only make money when you choose to pay us for our product. This means that your trust is our biggest asset, so keeping your data private and secure is fundamental.

Certain Nimbus Note features allow publishing and sharing some of your notes with others, but using these features is absolutely optional and completely up to you. If at any point you decide to connect your Nimbus Note account with one of our numerous partners, you may be granting such a partner access to some or all of your data. We will be sure to let you know in advance what kind of access rights the partner application will have. You will be able to turn off access any time you wish.

In addition, we take numerous precautions to protect your data against accidental loss and theft. Any data you put into a synchronized folder in Nimbus Note is stored in a secure data center with several redundant servers, storage devices and off-site backups. All communications between Nimbus Note clients and servers are encrypted. We keep investing heavily in ways that allow keeping your data secure and offer superior protection. We pay special attention to keeping your password secure, so no one at Nimbus Note will ever ask you for it.

3. Your Data is Portable

Even though thousands of people store their most important information in Nimbus Note, we want any of them to be able to leave the service any time, quickly and easily. Nimbus Note does not lock in your data. We are committed to making it very easy to save data to and pull it out of Nimbus Note any moment. Using out desktop software you can export all of your notes and content in human-readable HTML and JSON format.

Our philosophy is that by enabling you to leave any time you please we are constantly motivated to keep building great things and adding awesome options so that you'd want to stick around. And we do hope you always choose to stick around, for years and decades to come. To this ambitious end we’re committed to investing in most advanced technologies to keep your data accessible far into the future.

This notice is not a legal document, rather than a plain-language description of our principal business values and how we see and treat your data. We’ll be sure to keep you posted if anything is added or modified, but the fundamental principles will not change: your data always remains yours, your data is secure and your data is portable. Our startup is intended to live for a good hundred years, and sticking to our principles is how we will make it happen.