Three easy steps how to onboard
Nimbus Suite
Preparation Stage

Join free personalized demo, discuss the terms and conditions (including possible trial period) convenient for you, define the number of users and payment model

Documents finalization

Sign and confirm all necessary paperwork your school may need (Nimbus is paperless as you will find out later). Process payment. Nimbus provides a purchase order (PO) upon request

Connect Nimbus to your school

Control access through our admin panel and allow authorization via Google Sign-On (Google SSO) or using your existing credentials (no extra registration required)

Onboarding showcases for educators Optional

Upon request, the Nimbus team can provide user-friendly materials to help educators start using Nimbus products. School IT teams can cut down on time spent adapting to online learning and classroom management tools.

How Nimbus benefits IT teams at schools
Yeap, we take care of all educators ;)
  • Design instructions and guidelines with the recording and annotation software
  • Organize knowledge bases for teachers, students, parents, and yourself
  • Use ready-made supporting materials

    (No need to create them from scratch)

  • Simplify collaboration between school personnel and students
  • Be sure of full compliance with data protection and processing rules for educational applications

    (Checklists of met requirements are available)

  • Have a specially dedicated support group to answer any queries
To find out more benefits for Teachers visit this page
  • Increased student engagement
  • Software for blended, online and on-campus education
  • Happy students and parents
  • Efficiency boost for educators of all roles
  • School promotion
  • Higher mean grades and academic performance
Frequently Asked Questions
How do Nimbus store and process personal data?
Protection and proper usage of personal data is a key priority for us and we take it seriously. There are high technical standards and organizational procedures to make your personal data really private and safe. To find out more please visit a separate section dedicated to this topic
How can you help with school staff training?
We already have bunch of instructions and materials to help your colleagues with a quick start. In addition, we have a specially organized customer success unit dedicated to educators who would be happy to provide extra training and support.
Сan we pay with a purchase order (PO)?
Sure. Just let us know what works for you.
Can we try the product before making a final decision?
Yes, we provide an extended trial period specifically for educators. During this period, you can try our educational tools and decide for yourself whether or not they're the best online software for teaching.
How can we manage the access to Nimbus Suite for our school personnel and students?
We have an organizational admin panel where you can easily manage the access of the existing users from your organizations and add new ones. The authorization process can be simplified with Google Single Sign-On (Google SSO) and In this case, existing credential will be used without creation separate accounts.
Can our school use solutions from Nimbus Suite (Capture and Notes) separately?
Sure, you can. However, the synergy obtained from their combination brings much more value. You and your colleagues will be able to augment and simplify each stage of your regular workflow: content creation for lessons, collaboration between teachers, parent-teacher communication, feedback for students, creation of all types of reports and notes with templates, lessons with an online whiteboard, data and information storage, and more. Find out more about Nimbus Suite outcomes
Will Nimbus Suite replace our LMS or change the existing workflow?
You are very welcome to continue using usual LMS or any other tools. We believe that professional educators already have well-established workflow and proper procedures. Nimbus Web augments your current solutions, easily integrates into the existing ecosystem and is dedicated to increase your efficiency.
What platforms is Nimbus Suite compatible with?
You can use Nimbus solutions on Chrome OS, Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS and even offline.