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Nimbus offers flexible pricing solutions for teachers and schools. Contact us to get a quote for the teaching toolbox.

If you're looking for the best educational apps, where all the tools for teaching are in one place, then look no further! Nimbus for Education is a solution for hybrid and online education. Use it to effectively connect your school with powerful classroom technology tools.
personal combo
Nimbus Capture PRO
+ Nimbus Note PRO
(includes 1 user)
  • Unlimited

    Notes & Screencasts

  • Google SSO

  • Priority support

  • Unlimited

    Notes & Screencasts

  • 5


    Monthly upload limit

  • 1


    Max attachment size

  • Google SSO

  • Compatibility with most popular LMS's

  • Priority support

  • Offline access

  • Search text in images (OCR)

  • Document scanner

  • Search text in documents

  • Upload screencasts to YouTube

  • Upload screencasts and screenshots to Google Drive

  • Export video as MP4

  • Export video as GIF

  • Add your watermark for branding

School Plan
Nimbus Capture
and/or Nimbus Note
Custom Pricing
  • ++

    Features from Personal Combo

  • Google SSO

  • Manage all accounts from one place

  • ++

    Features from Personal Combo

  • Educators access to Nimbus Note

  • Google SSO

  • Manage all accounts from one place

  • Transfer / Manage Licenses

  • Access from School Domain

  • School Branding - logo and naming

  • Offline access to Notes

  • Google Drive upload

  • Upload to YouTube

  • Video Trimming

  • Video annotation

  • Web camera recording

  • ++

    Many more features, contact us for more details

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Nimbus for Education - a solution for hybrid and online education

This quick 3-minute demo video shows some of the many benefits your school gets using Nimbus Suite for educational objectives. See how it can be used for information management and communication between teachers and students.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Nimbus Note better than other similar solutions and educational apps?
Most other solutions and school apps only have a desktop application available and only provide video recording with limited annotation features. Nimbus Note includes desktop, web, and mobile applications and allows you to choose the most useful type of app to realize your best teaching strategies. With super documents in Nimbus Note, you have the perfect environment to organize your knowledge hub and collaborative space. Here is a quick highlight of what you get using Nimbus as an educational toolbox:
  • Videos and Screenshots
  • Annotation
  • Privacy controls
  • Education tools
  • Mobile document scanner
  • Opportunities to track student work and progress
  • Documents that can hold dynamic content—videos, voice recordings, images, GIFs, and more.
  • Quick upload to Google Classroom
  • E-diary for effective parent-teacher communication
  • Offline access to your information
  • Easy onboarding
  • — And more.
Why do I need Nimbus Note as a teacher toolkit?
Nimbus Capture can be used with Nimbus Note as a complementary product. Nimbus Note is a single place where you can manage your information, research, assignments, and student information; create an online whiteboard for teaching; and perform many different tasks for your teaching job. You can upload screenshots and video recordings to Nimbus workspaces along with other information. You can read more here: Nimbus Note
Do you provide Nimbus Note for educators only? Is there any digital tools for students?
In the educational package that we offer, we provide Nimbus Note to all school personnel for effective interaction within the online learning process. This significantly raises efficiency, because each user has their own workspace and can store information from multiple sources in one place, while also collaborating with others. Access your information from anywhere—even offline. We can also provide access to students as an additional package. Contact us for details.
Does Nimbus Note works with Google Drive
Nimbus Note allows you to embed many files including Google Docs, Slides, and Spreadsheets. You can edit those documents right in Nimbus Note. Basically, Nimbus Note enriches Google Drive usage with more dynamic content and ways how to organize information.
Do you follow educational compliance standards?
Unlike many software companies, we value children’s privacy and we have been vetted. We meet rigorous standards for the following:

  • FERPA (Family Education Rights & Privacy Act)

  • COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection)

  • CSPC (California's Student Privacy Certified)

  • iKeepSafe (Privacy Compliance Organization)
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. We also accept offline POS for all purchases over $300.
What is your refund policy?
We offer a 30-day refund. If you’d like to try out our recorder, we recommend starting with trial version which is completely the same.
Do you have trial accounts?
We provide trial accounts for schools. Normally the trial runs for 30 days, but if you need more time, just let us know. We're happy to assist!
Can I reassign licenses or use them on multiple computers?
Yes, the Organization Console provides this functionality.
Will my subscription automatically renew?
Yes, it will renew by default, but you can cancel the renewal or contact our support. Also, you will get an email reminder before the renewal.

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