Nimbus consultant

Nimbus expert: Jonathan Kogan

Languages: english, ukrainian

Average client size: Small (1-10)

Details about your service:
All of the different use cases by each type of business. For example. we may work with an SDR company that is trying to scale their operations for high-end outreach (founded by former Founder of Andela) and how Nimbus could help with organization and training. We do a lot with education so how can this benefit remote education curriculums and have students be engaged on all devices. Product Management companies trying to conduct testing on what products to create, iterate on, and organize market feedback. We have so many use cases...

Startup consulting, Consulting

About you / Intro

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, went to Ohio State, worked for a few startups that did well in many different spaces and now running my first company as the CEO at RPA Tools where our sole focus is to enable the passion economy and help Creators flourish by designing an implementing the right tech solutions for their specific needs being agnostic to the software's we use! :)

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