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Did you know that EverSync is a part of Nimbus Platform?

Nimbus is a productivity app that brings all information in one place — knowledge, tasks, bookmarks. That’s your second brain!

Nimbus Web Inc is a product company that
develops — Nimbus EverSync  and FVD Speed Dial

Organize all the files,
tasks & notes in one

You can use the same EverySync\Everhelper account to access your Nimbus!

Find information fast

Don’t waste time searching — concentrate on getting things done. Refine your searches with virtually any important parameter. Save it as a predefined search so that you can search faster in the future.

Lightweight task management to get things done

Do not overwhelm yourself and your clients with complex project management tools. Nimbus tasks are built to be effective and easy to use.

High Security

At Nimbus, we will never care to know about the contents of your data. And, we ensure that no one gets access to your data without proper authorization.

At Nimbus Note, we maintain the highest commitment to keeping your data safe. This encryption is always active — both when data is transmitted and when it is in storage. Nimbus Note employs the same 128-bit SSL encryption in use by major online financial services. SSL provides a secure connection anytime data is sent or received. Any data that you store in Nimbus Note is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

Powerful all-in-one editor to achieve your goals

Nimbus Note doesn’t use a simple HTML editor that limits functionality. Our editor was built from the ground up to support objects and attachments, so you can include whatever you want in the note. Write and format text, capture and insert screenshots, or take photos with the camera. Embed PDFs and other documents into your notes. Record audio while you’re taking lecture notes. Also, it’s easy to add many other objects and use @mentions to link content.

  • Create notes, doc, 
wikis, and more
  • Easily create tasks & lists
  • Databases, spreadsheets, and tables