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Client file sharing portal

Nimbus is designed for client collaboration! Therefore, you can share files with your clients in several ways. The most professional option is a client portal.

This is a no-code website with sections and all the deliverables organized in one place. Set up and manage your first portal with this guide.

How to Share Files Stored on the Device #

The Client Portal is based on one of your Nimbus Note workspaces, with all documents synchronized. Thus, you first need to open any page in your workspace to add & share a file with a client.

Step 1 – Add files to the Nimbus page #

Besides images, videos, and other media, Nimbus lets you upload files for your client to download. Many common formats are supported, including png, mp4, mp3, doc, pdf, etc.

Nimbus allows you to add all of them in four ways:

  • Drag and drop files into the editor
Drag and Drop Files Into the Editor. Gif by Nimbus Platform
  • Click on ⬇ in a new line and select “File”
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F for Windows or cmd+Shift+F for MAC
  • Click on the paperclip (Attachments) in the top right corner of the page → select “Browse” or drag your files into the box that appears
Browse. Gif by Nimbus Platform

You can simply leave a link or embed your file if you’re using cloud storage.

Step 2 – Update the Client Portal with a new page #

Here are some options for adding your page with files:

  • The sidebar
  • The home page
  • An embed

Your pages & folders are already added unpublished to the sidebar when creating the portal. To publish those containing client files:

  • Choose the “Add item” button at the top of the portal’s sidebar
  • Select a folder in the first section “Nimbus Note content”
  • Click the + next to the page you want in the Pages column
  • The page will appear in your portal sidebar

You can also find your pages by name using the search bar. This makes it even easier!

Find Your Pages by Name. Gif by Nimbus Platform

Your Nimbus pages can appear on your home page as well. To add Nimbus files to the home page:

  • Click on the “Add page widget” button
  • Select the “Nimbus Page” tile
  • Choose the folder and click + next to the desired page
  • Confirm your actions with the “Save” button

Finally, you can let your client download files directly on the portal instead of redirecting them to the shared page! To do this, embed your Nimbus document as follows:

  • Select the “Add page widget” button
  • Click on the “Embed” tile
  • Paste the embed code you got by clicking the “Share” button in the top right corner of the page and selecting “Share embed code”
  • Click on “Save” to confirm the action

How to Share Cloud Files #

If you would like your clients to jump to a cloud-based file (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), you can share its link. There are two ways to do this.

To insert a link in the sidebar:

  • Click on the “Add item” button on the top of the portal’s sidebar
  • Go to the second section, “Custom link”
  • Put a file link and set a name so your client will understand. Complete with the “Add to Menu” button
Insert a Link in the Sidebar. Gif by Nimbus Platform

To add a link to your home page as a widget:

  • Select the “Add page widget” button
  • Choose the “Information Block” tile
  • Give the widget a title and description
  • Add your link and specify its clickable text
  • Click the “Save” button to confirm your action

💡 Quick tips:

👉 If you need to send a file to your client once (for example, during correspondence), use the page-sharing feature from Nimbus!

👉 In case the client needs editing access, invite them to your workpace. Don’t worry! Their data access is customizable and completely under your control.