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The Knowledge Base You've Always Needed

Create a no-code knowledge base for internal and external purposes
Easy to set up, manage and customize

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The Ingredients of A Perfect Knowledge Base
for You and Your Team

Here are some features that Nimbus 

can do to boost your knowledge management:


Keep your knowledge organized with a clear structure: separated workspaces, folders, subfolders and pages. Add tags if needed!

No limits for content

Create smart documents with any object you need: text, tables, buttons, videos, audios and integrations. Our powerful editor has it all!

Version History

Use a Version History and weekly back-ups in case you’ve deleted something accidentally.

Empowered Teamwork

Work on your knowledge base with your team! Real-time editing, comments on any element, chats and tasks are designed for your powerful collaboration.

Security and Permissions

Nimbus Platform is tested and approved by many certifications. To control your data within your team, use granular permissions and locked blocks. 

Favorite Integrations

Embed the tools you love and use them all in one Nimbus system! We support over 2000 integrations.

Build up your perfect knowledge
base for free with Nimbus.

A single place for your
knowledge management

Create a knowledge base with other editors and present it to viewers! You don’t need to struggle with several tools, use Nimbus for both purposes

  • Creator's view
  • Visitor's view

Present Your Knowledge Base in the Most Efficient Way

Use Nimbus Portals to show only the needed information to your viewers and readers. Make it easier for your audience to grasp ideas

Accessibility and Navigation

Your visitors can use any device: no need to install  anything to see your knowledge basе

Advanced analytics

Know what your visitors are looking for and how they interact with your knowledge base portal

Brand Your Knowledge Base

Connect your domain, brand your portal and customize our pre-defined templates to your needs

Better Feedback

Get feedback from your visitors, talk to them and help get up to speed with Nimbus chat and comments

Easily Migrate Your Content from the Old Tools

Import from other services to Nimbus and explore more features for a reasonable price. Enjoy our all-in-one collaboration tool

Three products, one unified platform

The core of your knowledge base. Create super pages, organize in a structure and collaborate in one place.

Create screenshots and recordings to capture your ideas. Annotate them and easily share with your team or audience.

Grab only important information from the web and save it as a page or a bookmark in Nimbus Note.

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