Use the Requirements Elicitation Template to clarify your whole journey with a client. Be clear about the details and whether you are on the same page. Below you will find all the key points and phases of your productive collaboration.

Why is this Requirements Elicitation Template so important for your growth?

A successful business depends on satisfied and happy customers. We've created this template so you won't miss a single step of your collaboration.

Can you provide your users with what they really want? In this template you will find a Feature сheck table, so you can check whether you already have all the features your customer needs or will have them in the near future.

Collect data from a short but important interview:

  • What do they use your product for?
  • How do they finish their tasks with your product?
  • What is the most frustrating thing about working with your product?
  • Would they recommend your product to others?

Gathering this information for review will help you find a course of action.

Use this template to clarify and plan your rapid growth!

How to use?

  • Add a date for all the key steps of your collaboration. You can also set a reminder not to miss an appointment with customers in this aspiring reality.
  • Add files, like invoices and other crucial documents — so they will always be at hand.
  • Create a task list for the next steps to plan your future together.
  • You can allow customers to put their own dates and employees on the tasks for a sense of choice and control.
  • Add all the collaborators who are working on this project. This way your client will know who to contact if they have any questions.