When you lead effectively, you inspire others to follow you. To be an effective leader, you need to plan priorities and assign tasks.
Most leaders don't realize using a team planner template will make their job easier because it's a tool to help them plan smarter. It helps you organize what you need to do to lead well, while having visibility of all tasks in one place.
Use this free team planner template to help everyone plan, organize their time better, and stay focused on their goals.

How to Use the Nimbus Team Planner Template

The Nimbus lean canvas template follows the structure below. You can use it to have a quick snapshot of what to focus on, how you are tracking, and where you need to improve.

Add in the following details:


Start with the big picture and add your major goals. These are what you want to achieve that week.


Add your upcoming meetings with links to the meeting invitation for each one. State the purpose or theme of each meeting.

Individual Priorities

List what each team member is working on (their priorities), and what their primary tasks or goals are for the week.

What is a Team Planner?

A team planner is a simple tool that allows you to define priorities, assign tasks, and track progress while keeping everything in one place. It can be a printed document or a software application.

It's a tool that helps organize thoughts, which means it's a great way to keep everyone focused on what needs to be done.

Team planners are used by managers to keep notes, collect files, track projects, arrange resources, and define due dates all in one place.

They're often used as a management tool to ensure employees define their plan for the week and know what's expected of them.

Why Do You Need a Team Planner?

There are many reasons to use a team planner.

1. Organize Your Prioritize Better

You can use a team planner to arrange or organize visually everyone's priorities. This means your employees will know their responsibilities and how they fit into the bigger picture.

2. Keep Everyone Focused

When you have people working on different parts of a project, a team planner ensures everyone stays focused on their priorities. It's a simple tool anyone can use to plan what they need to do and use it as a task board.

3. Track Progress

If you want to go to one place to see where your team stands at any given time, this template is a quick way to keep tabs on things. It helps you keep up-to-date on everything going. This makes it easy to communicate about upcoming events and changes.

4. Manage Resources

It lets you allocate resources so you know when someone is overloaded and may not meet their deadlines.

5. Improve productivity

When you organize your team well, you will increase productivity. Even a basic plan will make a significant difference to everyone's productivity.

How to Create a Team Planner?

Here are steps you can take to create a team planner.

1. Start with the big picture

Define your goals. If you use a weekly planner, identify what you want each member to prioritize and achieve by the end of the week.

2. List upcoming meetings

Mention meetings that have scheduled during the week and include links to the meeting invitation. Also, mention the theme or focus of each meeting.

3. Identify each team member's priorities

List what each member should work on and what their goals are for the week. For example, if someone is working on a new proposal, their goals for the week may include drafting the proposal and communicating with the client.

You can make your planner as simple or as detailed as you want, provided it helps each member achieve their weekly goals.

Why is It Important to Customize It to Your Team Needs?

Every organization operates differently, so there isn't a template that will suit every team. You need to customize it to help your employees plan their priorities.

After you create the first version of your planner, get input or feedback from those who will use it. Assess its effectiveness for a week or two, then refine it based on the feedback you receive.

Like with most processes, aim to continually improve your planner.

Ready to Use a Team Planner Template?

Now that you know what's required, it's time to create your template. You can use the Nimbus team planner template as a starting point. You can customize it once every member has used it.

If others could also benefit from using this team planner template, please share it with them.