If you have many students to look over, then managing all of their information can be a challenge. This customizable tracking template can help you organize your data about each student.

Student Tracking template

With handfuls of students to oversee, managing all that information takes a ton of work. Our customizable tracking template helps organize data about each pupil. It's helpful whether you manage on-campus students or work on an online education platform. Include graduation dates, completed credits, advisors, and more. Keep all data in a fully functioning table. With easy teaching tools, you can make sure all students are on track. Use it to share information, create schedules, group academic levels, and more.

How to use:

  • Add student names and IDs in the table
  • Attach a photo or headshot of each student
  • Select colored labels to show departments and graduation semesters
  • Use checks to track internship status
  • Add completed units and select colored labels for status
  • Include academic advisor contact information