This template is perfect for businesses that want to retain all information about their customers and job employees. The provided form is an outline in which you can include any details specific to your case.

Insert your data into the table for a better understanding of your audience. You will see the outstanding results and get helpful information for your next steps to success!

Why is this Persona Template so important for your growth?

No business is possible without personas and data analysis. You need to understand your customers to have a good market performance. After making an outline of the group of your clients and defining their needs, pain, and the overall reality you put emphasis on what they have in common.

You can do Customer Persona Research and include the results in the prepared form. This way, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors with all the information about your customers, and you will be able to determine how valuable they are for your business.

What are the options?

If you want to stay face to face with one person, we have an alternative for these needs too. The General Persona Profile is a more visual outline for one-off needs. It works best when you don't have to compare your client's characteristics or employees' performance.

Use it in situations where you need to look a real customer in the eye and not just at their data details.

Valuable when hiring new employees. Just enter indicators, and align your impression about a person with coworkers for making your choice.

We've prepared the best Persona Profile for you!

The customer's table includes all the critical readings required for the primary analysis. Gather all the data of your customers in one place! You will easily be able to see the average level and determine who your customer persona is.

And don't forget to review and update the persona regularly — these are the main challenges on the way to the perfect result.

If you want to see how the person handles their current role, feel free to use this template as well. The table includes readings that will help you make decisions.

Once you have a solid persona analysis, you can use it to make your targets more effective and increase the number of your leads!

How to use:

  • Add links to social networks and profiles and make them a button.
  • Add a date like a birthday or the day of the meeting. You can also set a reminder not to miss an appointment with customers in this aspiring reality.
  • Add files, like resumes and other crucial documents sent by a person — so they will always be at hand.
  • Add columns to the table, that define important persona building features of a customer, even a list of their favorite books — be creative!
  • Or remove the columns that don't fit your needs. Every business, like a person, has its own characteristics, so feel free to adjust details based on your challenges!
  • Sometimes real customers will send you indications that are hard to predict — just attach them and send us your ideas in support.