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Causes Treatment And Expectancy of Life for Mesothelioma PatientsCauses, Treatment, And Expectancy of Life for Mesothelioma Patients Mesothelioma is known to have a poor prognosis, as it is ...Stand Out with a Custom Phone Number from RingBoost“Memorable phone numbers generate more leads.” With RingBoost, you can secure a custom phone number to help you stand out fro...$10 To Spend On In Honor Of Our 10-Year AnniversaryUse promo code 10for10 to get $10 to use on your purchase of anything from Lawyerist. 120 months ago, Lawyerist had only 4,00...Podcast #213: The ROI of Gratitude with John IsraelIn this episode with John Israel, we talk about how investing time in showing gratitude to people can wield a long term retur...How To Text Your Clients Without Losing Your MindLack of communication from attorneys is the most frequent complaint from clients. But with only so many hours in a day, how d...Download Ruby Receptionists Free eBook on How to Grow Your Practice“Learn how to turn more callers into clients with Ruby Receptionists’ free ebook” In the age of smartphones, the business cal...Simplify Account Management with LexReceptions Client Web Access“Easily see and manage your monthly minutes used, total monthly calls, and other usage details in one convenient place.” LexR...Podcast #212: Tweeting Judges & Access to Justice with Judge Stephen DillardIn this episode with Stephen Dillard, we talk about the how, traditionally, judges have mostly been inaccessible to the publi...Improve Your Efficiency and Productivity with SimpleLaw“SimpleLaw provides a single, user-friendly platform for attorneys to connect with clients and manage their practice.” Create...Give Your Clients Effective and Personalized Updates with Case Status“Case Status provides an automated and personalized experience for you and your clients.” Case Status is a cloud-based client...Podcast #211: The Innovative Lawyer Mindset with Cat MoonIn this episode with Cat Moon, we talk about how to achieve basic design competence, some lessons Cat has learned about innov...This Feed Will Stop Updating on March 1st 2019! Please contact the owner to avoid disruption.According to our new plans, Inoreader Pro is required to export RSS feeds. If you are the owner of the feed, please consider ...CosmoLexs Dedicated Team Makes Data Migration Easy“Easily migrate your legacy data into CosmoLex with its dedicated Data Migration Team.” In addition to its automated tools, C...The 3 Best VPN Providers for Lawyers in 2019Going incognito isn’t good enough. Your internet service provider (ISP), system administrators, and Google, or whoever makes ...Podcast #210: Rules for Communication in a Remote Workplace with Ben BalterIn this episode with Ben Balter, we talk about GitHub’s rules for communication and knowledge management. During the show, we...Podcast #209: Before You Even Think About Hiring Anyone Listen to This Episode with Ashley CoxIn this week’s episode, we talk with Ashley Cox about what you need to do to prepare to hire, how to find the best applicants...Up Your Client Service With Podium“Better manage your online reviews and client interactions all from a single interface with Podium.” Podium is a cloud-based ...How To Manage Your Tabs and Speed Up Your ComputerIs your computer running slowly? Taking its sweet time opening documents and loading web pages? If your internet speed isn’t ...
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