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Home Pest Control for Ants Termites & Carpenter Ants Around Your Home2018-4-24 17:58:18 For Ants Did you know, by mixing orange peels and water, and spraying the solution outside your home, you can prevent ants fr... Natural Pest Solutions2018-1-16 13:45:00 Natural Pest Solutions Address: Suite #1 2160 Wilkinson St. Kelowna, BC. V1Y 3Z8 Phone 778-760-1356 Best Kelowna Pest Control... Sticky Mouse Traps for Eliminating Rodent2018-1-23 04:15:42 There are many great products that you can use to remove rodent from your house, for example sticky mouse traps. This trap is... Effective Natural Mice Repellent2018-1-26 07:51:23 It is important that you find high quality natural mice repellent. You may have problems with mice in your house. These anima... What is The Best Natural Termite Control?2018-2-3 16:02:32 When you have termite problems, you should learn how to find the most effective natural termite control method. There are man... Kelowna Pest Control Company2018-2-4 05:57:23 Best Pest Control Company Kelowna Natural Pest Solutions Suite #1 2160 Wilkinson St. Kelowna, BC. V1Y-3Z8 phone 778-760-1356 ... Different Pest Control Options2018-2-7 04:51:29 Pest Control Options For most people, bugs are not a welcome sight in their home. Whether you’ve spotted some spiders, roache... Termite Tenting: Best Termite Treatment2018-2-8 20:01:38 Termite tenting is commonly known as fumigation. This is a popular method that you can use for removing termites from your ho... Create Your Own DIY Termite Treatment2018-2-12 17:50:18 You should read this article if you want to know the best way to create your DIY termite treatment. Termite is a common pest ... Reduce Your Cost of Termite Treatment2018-2-13 17:50:07 It is very crucial to learn about the average cost of termite treatment. Different pest control services may offer you differ... WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOUSE FLIES AND FRUIT FLIES2018-2-13 21:10:20 When you have flies flying around your house, you could probably care less about what type of fly it is. It’s helpful to know... How do I know if i have Mice?2018-2-23 01:46:30 Why Mice come into your home? As soon as the weather starts to turn cold, you can bet that woodland critters, including mice,... Getting Rid of Moths in Carpets2018-2-23 20:47:29 It is very important for all homeowners to learn about getting rid of moths in carpets. There are some types of moths that ca... Bed Bug Warning Signs You Can Not Ignore2018-2-26 18:24:27 We’re given warnings all the time in our every day lives about this or that, and from this source or that source, and we’ve g... How to control birds2018-2-26 23:10:14 How to control birds on commercial properties Most bird species are welcome in an urban environment and don’t create a proble... This is the Life Cycle of a Clothes Moth2018-2-28 20:30:25 When you have problems with moth infestation, you should learn about the life cycle of a clothes moth. This knowledge can hel... Five Gross Beetle Facts: Learning About Our Enemies2018-3-1 08:20:09 Beetles get a bad rap, and for good reason: they’re ugly, they’re gross, and if they could, they’d probably cheat on their ta... Facts about Spiders2018-3-2 21:03:23 Most people have seen the pest control technician spraying product on your neighbor’s house, maybe even your own. Some people...
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