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How to Choose the Best LED Replacements for Traditional Lighting Systems2018-9-1 20:43:15 More than 150 years ago, a product was introduced that would forever change how people used energy in their homes and offices... The Lighting Center2018-2-1 19:34:17 LED Lighting Wholesale Site for Electrical Contractors Common LED Retrofit FAQs2018-2-8 18:17:23 Once someone has discovered retrofitting as a completely viable option for upgrading their existing lighting system, there of... Industrial LED Lighting for Warehouses2018-5-7 21:53:25 Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures to Consider for Your Warehouse Industrial offices typically are huge in size. As a result, t... How to Retrofit a 400W HID Fixture2018-6-25 18:24:24 You’ve heard that switching to energy efficient lighting can save money. But where to start? Old 400 Watt HID (Metal-Halide a... The Best LED Bulb to Replace a 400-Watt Metal Halide Lamp2018-7-30 19:00:51 While many companies, lighting specialists, and facility managers now use LED technology, it is not uncommon to see metal hal... The Best LED Replacement for a 1000-Watt Metal Halide Bulb2018-7-31 15:00:44 In the past, whenever a commercial space or a large indoor space needed to be illuminated, the first lighting option contract... 5 Things You Should Know When Changing to LED Technology2018-8-1 19:01:09 It is no secret that LEDs are much better for the environment than their HID counterparts. But some companies and manufacture... 3 Ways Changing Parking Lot Lighting Can Enhance Business And Which Lights Are Best2018-8-1 19:01:10 You may not know it, but poor parking lot lighting may be costing you business – lots of it. Visitors, customers, and prospec... Buying LED Conversion Kits? Here Are 3 Things to Consider2018-8-13 20:04:06 After deciding to make the switch to LED technology, the next step is choosing between retrofitting and a full fixture replac... When Does It Make Sense to Switch to LED Technology?2018-8-13 20:04:07 LEDs have overtaken conventional lights for many reasons: long lifespans, decreased energy consumption, better light output, ... A Buyers Guide to Wall Pack Lights2018-8-14 21:29:31 Wall pack lights, which also go by the name exterior building lights, are lights that are mounted on the exterior walls of bu... How to Amplify Your Savings When You Convert to LED Technology2018-8-21 18:17:42 One of the benefits of LED technology that we frequently talk about here at The Lighting Center is cost savings. But did you ... Buying LED Lights: 9 Common Specs You Need to Know2018-8-24 19:04:19 Back in 2007, the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) was passed by congress. The act gave notice to inefficient ligh... 5 Awesome But Somewhat Overlooked Benefits of Retrofitting2018-8-25 18:19:25 With all the concerns about environmental issues – like global warming and air pollution – decision-makers are always looking... The Best LED HighBay Replacements for High Intensity Discharge Lights2018-8-28 18:10:15 LED highbay lighting is used in many public places, like parking zones, football stadiums, baseball fields, skate parks, outd... High Bay vs Low Bay Lights In Comparison2018-2-6 18:17:11 Heavy duty lighting projects, list those often done in large buildings such as warehouses, factories, and processing plants, ... 5 Reasons Why You Should Install LEDs in Your Property2018-9-4 14:08:34 According to research, lighting consumes almost 20% of the electricity in commercial properties. Businesses and companies are...
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