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Obtaining a property in Malta

The initial phase in obtaining property in Malta is to procure a legal official open. He will hold up the Application for Immovable Property (AIP) for the benefit of the purchaser (whenever required) and aid the purchasing procedure also.

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When a property has been picked, contact the dealer or home specialist to make an offer. Upon acknowledgment, the legal official will be in charge of drawing up a buy understanding – otherwise called a konvenju or convenium. In the event that the terms of agreement host been settled by the two gatherings, continue with marking the record.

Malta extravagance summer homes Upon mark of the agreement, the purchaser pays 10% of the selling cost as store. One percent (1%) stamp obligation should likewise be given up to the legal official open for enrollment of the buy understanding and installment to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue.

The buy understanding is normally legitimate for a quarter of a year. During this term, the legal official will perform due constancy to demonstrate credibility of possession. At the point when this has been practiced, he will set up the Final Deed for marking of the two gatherings. The funds owed on the selling cost and stamp obligation must be paid after marking. This flag the finish of the deal.

Commentaries to Transaction Costs Table

The round outing exchange expenses incorporate all expenses of purchasing and afterward exchanging a property – legal advisors’ charges, legal officials’ charges, enrollment expenses, imposes, operators’ charges, and so forth.

Stamp obligation:

Stamp obligation on property moves is for the most part imposed at a level pace of 5% on the property estimation.

The temporary stamp obligation of 1% is payable when the when the public accountant enrolls the guarantee of offer with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). The rest of the stamp obligation of 4% is payable inside 15 days after the marking of the last deed of offer.

Public accountant Fee

Public accountant expense is for the most part around 0.40% to1% of the property estimation.

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