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Ilocked escape rooms

Ilocked is an escape room game set up inside Nottingham, different from many escape games this is not purely a find the key/lock game. Our puzzle rooms exhibit a very special escape room experience and are ideal for any day-trippers who are searching for things to do in Nottingham. Our escape the room games in Nottingham make use of hi-tech puzzles to produce a challenging 60 - minute countdown against the timer to beat the room.

Ilocked escape the room games use cutting-edge escape room technology to present an unique challenge to all clients with puzzles that require you to consider ideas outside of what is usually expected in an escape room..

We accept all skill levels and ages to our rooms although with the exception of really young children.

We accommodate for stag and wedding parties, team building, both kids and adult birthday parties, date nights and a wide selection of corporate functions.

If you wish to check the prices of our escape games simply head on the web to our website where you can also see what time slots are readily available to book.

Escape the room games are coming to be more and more mainstream with companies such as panic rooms coming to be well known across the world.

Our escape games try to be somewhat different from the usual hunt for keys and locks as we find that formula has become rather uninteresting. Our target is to offer an experience unlike any room you've been in earlier!

Common guests include well-liked regional sporting teams and stars as well as journalists and radio presenters.

When the door is closed a 60 min countdown kicks off and it's time to put your talents against our challenging puzzles to try and make it out before the clock reaches zero.

We currently have two available escape games, an "alien" themed puzzle room and an Egyptian themed "mummy" escape game. A third room "Battleship" is currently under construction and we hope to start taking pre-bookings for it in the near future.

Many tourists coming to Notts for a day drip frequently drop in as we are recommended on many "fun things to do in Notts" lists and we're happy to provide you with directions and parking information if you contact us.

So exactly what is an escape game ?

An escape game is an unique activity whereby a party of individuals have a specified amount of time (typically 60 mins) to resolve a series of puzzles of various types that provide clues directing you in the direction of the answer of the very last puzzle which will unlock the door of the escape room. Our escape rooms in Notts are a little different than most however so don't expect the normal searching around for keys and locks, we will definitely be putting your problem solving skills to the test.

We use advanced puzzles that accomplish a very high degree of storytelling through computer systems such as tablets and computers, recorded audio and creative scenery.
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