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7 Online Dating Tips for Introverted Men

Online dating – IT’s gift to introverts

Ah, the hard life of an introvert. You have probably been called everything from shy to antisocial. Whether or not these and other terms are accurate, the fact remains that you aren’t very comfortable with new people or crowds. That does not exactly make finding a date or keeping her interested easy.

That is what makes online dating so awesome! No more facing strangers while you search for love. No more pressure to continue a conversation that you either can’t or don’t want to contribute to. In a nutshell, online dating and communication platforms make it so much easier for you as an introvert to find love.

7 online dating tips

Despite all this, the road ahead of you may not always be smooth. Do not forget that the challenge of interacting with new people still awaits you. To make it easier, here are seven tips on how to carry out a successful online romance as an introverted man.

1. Put your money where your heart is

With online dating, there are free and paid platforms. The main benefit of paid dating websites is that the fees weed out people who may not be serious about finding love. You, therefore, do not have to worry about going out of your comfort zone for something that won’t last. There are also significantly fewer people on these sites which is ideal for introverts.

2. Find common ground when reaching out

The most significant challenge you need to anticipate with this process is initiating. Making the first move is generally left to either the guy or the girl with these platforms. However, showing a little machismo wouldn’t hurt your chances of success.

When reaching out, make sure to only do it with girls who share your interests which you can find on their profiles. It is not enough to just be attracted to her. That is because if you go in blind, you can find yourself stuck and at a loss on what to say when she responds.

3. Don’t get carried away with the self-expression

Introverts get a bad rep as far as expression is concerned. If you are one, you know better than anyone else it is all about the medium. In this case, nothing can open you up more than online writing channels.
Typically, introverts tend to get carried away when opening up on email or text. Expressing yourself is ok. Just be careful not to cross over to the dark side a.k.a conversation tyranny.

4. Be yourself

Avoid trying to put up a front as much as you possibly can. Trust me; there are many women out there who pine for the mysterious introverts. You, therefore, do not have to pretend to be chatty or the life of the party to impress anyone.

5. Introvert vs. Extrovert; who’s your ideal match?

If you do go for scroll sites or mobile dating apps such as AmoLatina where you are doing all the heavy lifting, you need to figure out what you want. Do you want an extrovert to cover up your social deficits? Or do you want a fellow introvert? There truly is no fixed formula when it comes to choosing, and it all boils down to personal preferences. Once you have decided, look out for clues on profiles and bio descriptions before you make a move.

6. Focus on what you know

Staying true to yourself is very important for introverts on online dating sites. If you are a geek, then let it shine. If you are weird and quirky, then lead with it. It makes it easier to sustain the relationship long term as you are in your element.

7. Try and get out of your comfort zone

It is important to take online dating as a learning experience and an opportunity to grow. Be open to new ideas and step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. No one is asking you to come from wallflower to the life of the party. Just be open to letting go of a few of your hard set introvert habits.

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