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Today I wanted to highlight a plugin that is a great opportunity for WordPress web designers that are working for charities. The plugin is called Donorbox. There are some great things about this tool which make it a great solution for accepting donations for a donation website. One of the big things is that charities is suffer from is a lack of consistent donations. Donorbox helps with this by giving you the ability to create recurring monthly donation plans. Stability of income is good for any business but especially charities where they don’t know necessarily where the next donation is coming from.


Donorbox also gives a lot of flexibility in the types of payments that it can accept. Well some donation or payment portals only allow one or two types of payment Donorbox is much more flexible. You can accept payments from cards, Apple Pay, ACH, and SEPA bank transfers, Google Pay, and of course that good old stand-by PayPal. Donorbox is in active development to keep up with the new versions of security features and to increase the ease of use. You can start fund raising within 15 minutes.


A big part of increasing donations is by speeding up the process and Donorbox does that with a fast multi step checkout to reduce drop off. Of course this is also customizable allowing you to set the colour to match your brand. The plugin is secure through SSL and is PCI compliant. All credit card information is encrypted, tokenized, and safely stored using Stripe. The Donorbox plugin itself does not store any card or bank data.


For ease of use you can use embeddable forms or a donation button which are both available whether the user is on desktop, a tablet, or a mobile device. Since giving can be international, Donorbox allows multiple currencies to ensure your charity limits the road blocks for donations. Another great feature is that you can export your donor data as a CSV file which can then be imported into a follow up system.


With over 30,000 downloads and growing it’s easy to see why Donorbox is a very popular choice for charity websites. Here at Promark Business Solutions we have worked with multiple Charities and each of them has different requirements. One of the great things about Donorbox is that you can choose different default donation amounts. This can help speed up the process even more by reducing the amount of time people have to think about what they’re donating.


All of these things add up to a great package when presenting the opportunity to support your charity. It is nice to know that there are companies out there developing tools and resources like this to help support giving. Even if you are just a web designer you are part of the process and supporting people in need. Donorbox is a great option to fulfill that.

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