What Does It Mean to Have Social Media Experience These Days?

When you think of social media, it can be easy to think that everyone with a Facebook account is a pro but, we must confess, it just isn’t so.


As Quora user Dionne Lew, CEO of The Social Executive, puts it, “being 18 and on Snapchat does not automatically qualify” and some might even ask if Snapchat is even a social media platform. Becoming great at social media isn’t all that hard if it’s something you are interested in, but there is definitely a lot more to it than most people think. So, in this article we are going to explore what it really means to have social media experience.


To do this, first let’s look at a few terms often used in the world of social media marketing, namely; the strategist, the manager, and the specialist.


A Social Media Strategist is someone responsible for planning, developing, and implementing a company’s social media strategy. They are the ones that come up with the roadmap.


A Social Media Manager is an individual who monitors, filters, measures, and otherwise guides the social media presence of a brand, product, individual, or corporation. Essentially, they are the “watchful eye” that makes sure everything is running smoothly.


A Social Media Specialist is the person who actually creates the content. They may create videos, posts, blogs, infographics and anything else you might find on social media, for a variety of platforms, all for the purpose of promoting customer engagement and brand awareness.


Overall, a strategist comes up with the “roadmap”, i.e., what content to create and what platform it needs to be on. The manager is given this information and expected to make sure the plan is carried out, and the specialist takes direction from the manager and creates the content.


Now, in the world of digital marketing, these are the technical definitions but oftentimes they can vary. A company may have a “Social Media Specialist” who creates content, but they may also act as a strategist and be the person coming up with ideas as well. Every company is different and has different staffing needs and abilities, but someone with social media experience should have at least a basic understanding of all three of these positions, whether or not it’s the role they are currently in.


So, what should someone with “social media experience” be able to do?


1. They should know how to create engaging content

This means being able to determine what kind of content will perform best on which platforms.


2. They know how to create and implement a content calendar

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, should be the motto of every social media expert. Social media marketing is just like any other type of marketing, where there must be a clear goal and a map to get there. You can make posts on a whim when it’s your personal profile, but corporate accounts should be fairly planned out.


3. They know how to turn large pieces of content into “microcontent”

They know how to  “upcycle” content. They can take things like blogs, white papers, and articles and turn them into quotable pieces to tweet and post on multiple platforms.


4. They’ll know how to identify the right influencers

It really is in who you know. Getting your brand associated with the right people, or receiving shoutouts from particular influencers will do wonders for your brand awareness. Someone with social media experience will know how to identify the people with followings closest to your ideal clients, and work to make contact with them.


After reading this series, we hope that you now have a better understanding of social media as a whole, what makes a platform a type of social media, and what kinds of skills it takes to up your business’ social media game. With this information in tow, we hope that you feel even just a little more confident about this crazy, online world.

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