How to Delete All Tweets at Once

Who doesn’t love to spend time crafting tweets expressing their opinions on different issues? It’s the best way to tell the world how we feel.


However, many times it turns out that we tweeted something that we are not proud of at the moment. If you are embarrassed by some of your past tweets, or your stand on what you tweeted about has changed, the best option is to delete them from your account. Deleting tweets is easy when there are only a few of them but if you want to delete a large number of tweets, it will be difficult for you. That’s because Twitter only permits you to delete one tweet at a time. In order to delete all of your tweets quickly, you are going to need third-party software like Circleboom.


Circleboom is a highly reliable software using which you can delete a large number of your past tweets effortlessly and quickly.  Just follow these easy steps and your work will be done:


Download your Twitter archive and upload it on Circleboom

Twitter provides you with a feature to archive all of your tweets. You can find this feature under the ‘Accounts’ option in the settings. It’s a simple process that will end with you getting a zipped folder containing all your account activity via your email. You need to unzip this folder and store it in a separate file on your computer. After that, you have to log into Circleboom by using the details of your Twitter account.


Once you are logged in, you’ll notice the ‘My Tweets’ option on the top left corner of the home screen. Click on it and then from its sub-menu, select the ‘Delete tweets’ option. Next, you’ll have to upload the file containing your Twitter archives. You should keep in mind that third-party software can only access 3200 of your last tweets due to Twitter’s guidelines. If you want to delete more than that, you’ll have to repeat the process.


Once your archived folder has been uploaded to the software, select ‘Start.’


Use Filters to Delete Specific Tweets

You might not want to delete all of your tweets at one go. You can use Circleboom’s various filters that allow you to delete specific tweets. Once you hit ‘Start’, you’ll come across a dialog box that asks you to enter the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date.’ All the tweets you made between the specified dates will be deleted once you select ‘Approve.’


Besides the date, you can enter specific keywords, usernames, or hashtags into the search box as well. Any tweet that meets the criteria you entered will be deleted in an instant after you click on ‘Approve.’ If you’re unsure as to which tweets, in particular, you want to delete, you can go through all of them and select the ones you want to get rid of. After you’re done selecting, delete them all at once.



Why we recommend using Circleboom

There isn’t a smarter choice you can make while deciding on a software to better manage your Twitter account. Helping you delete all of your tweets in an instant is just one of the benefits the software offers. You can delete all of your retweets in a similar manner. It also allows you to remove all of your likes and replies. The software provides you with an in-depth analysis of your profile by letting you know which of your followers are bots or inactive among things. It follows all of twitter’s regulations which makes it safe to use.


The most lucrative thing about Circleboom is that despite offering such amazing benefits, it’s quite cheap compared to other similar software. In fact, if the number of tweets you want to delete is less than 200, you can do it for free. In case you want to delete more tweets and use other features of the software, you can upgrade to the Pro version at a monthly cost of just $7.99.


If you’re using Circleboom and are following the steps we mentioned carefully, all of your tweets will be deleted in no time and you can free your profile of the embarrassing past tweets.

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