Top 5 Marketing Blogs You Must Visit To Become Marketing Genius

Becoming a marketing genius is not something that happens overnight. Neither is it something that happens to you because you wish or hope for it. It is more about knowing what to do right and knowing how to do what to do right.

And as against popular beliefs that the success of digital marketing entails that you follow prescribed set down rules and regulations, this is untrue because the business world doesn’t consist of just one brand or type of business.

Therefore it is impossible for you as a digital marketer to use one business marketing strategy for all the brands and types of businesses available in the world.

Based on this, becoming one of the top marketing experts in the business world doesn’t require that you follow a deliberate set of marketing strategies, rather you have to be open-minded about learning new and diverse marketing ideas, and applying these ideas to the different types and brands of businesses that you are dealing with.

There are different ways through which you can learn about new marketing ideas, tools, strategies, and techniques to improve your marketing arsenal, but it is important to find the right sources to learn from.

And one of the highly trusted sources where you can garner effective marketing ideas and strategies include marketing blogs, and here are 5 marketing blogs that you can subscribe to and visit to get marketing tips and hacks daily.


5 Marketing Blogs To Visit Daily

  1. Businesses Grow

Founded by Mark Schaefer’s, who is known as one of the leading business coaches, business authors, and marketing strategists in the business world, and who is also known as the business coach for top brands such as Pfizer, Adidas, Dell, Microsoft, and Cisco, Businesses Grow is a blog that offers insightful, professional, and effective marketing ideas and strategies that have been known to work for both startups and existing companies.

Known as one of the top five business blogs in the world, Businesses Grow marketing blog daily features different posts and contents that center around humanity, technology, and most especially marketing; contents that do exactly what the name of the blog says – make a business grow!

The Businesses Grow Blog doesn’t only feature posts and contents that are designed to help you overcome every marketing blocks, but you also have the opportunity to read some marketing books by Mark Schaefer, listen to marketing podcasts by Mark Schaefer, watch free marketing presentations, and get immediate marketing advice from Mark Schaefer!

And the best part of subscribing to the Businesses Grow Blog is that once you subscribe, you get to receive free marketing and motivational posts directly from Mark Schaefer himself right in your inbox weekly.

  1. Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin is not only a teacher and the founder of Akimbo; a workshop that helps to teach those in the business world how to run businesses, find their feet in the business world, and also become the best of the best in the business industry;  he is also the founder of one of the biggest marketing/business blogs in the world named Seth’s Blog.

Seth Godin is the author of over 15 books on different concepts which include business marketing, and his latest bestseller is known as This is Marketing.

His blog, Seth’s Blog focuses on everything about digital marketing, as it features lots and lots of marketing contents which include interviews, podcasts, speeches, and free marketing guides and webinars.

Unlike other bloggers who like to perambulate and beat around the bush to make their blog posts longer, Seth’s Blog posts are concise and straightforward, hence helping readers grab what they need to grab in a few seconds!

  1. Econsultancy Blog.

Another blog that deals solely with the business world, Econsultancy is a blog that focuses on contents that center around advertising, data and analytics, digital marketing, e-commerce, and customer experience.

This blog is dedicated to churning out content that is targeted at making the job easier for digital marketers who want to up their game and get the best out of digital marketing.

Econsultancy blog proffers solution to the problems of digital marketers by making available live webinars, roundtable discussions, and other digital marketing training sessions

  1. Growth Hub

Contrary to how other digital marketing blogs operate, Growth Hub functions as a community where different marketers come together to rub minds and share their views on trending marketing ideas, tools, and techniques.

Unlike the previously mentioned blogs in this article where the contents are spearheaded and contributed by one person, the posts that are featured by Growth Hub are from different digital marketers across the world.

On Growth Hub, every marketer has a say, as every digital marketer including you has the opportunity to share their views by upvoting conversations, starting discussions, and posting articles.

  1. MarketingProfs

For marketers who want to move from spectators to doers, MarketingProfs is the place to be. MarketingProfs blog is not just a blog that offers digital marketing insights and resources alone, but it also engages in practical lessons for both individual and corporate digital marketers.

So, for every digital marketing theory you read on this blog, you get to watch it being practiced in the form of live conferences, webinars, and training programs, as MarketingProfs is all about helping you as a digital marketer go beyond the level of a learner to the level where you produce exceptional results!

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The world of digital marketing is evolving by the day, with innovative marketing ideas and strategies being churned out daily, and as a digital marketer you can’t afford to rely on what you know alone.

Hence you must seek more knowledge to get yourself enlightened with the latest digital marketing trends, and one of the best places to garner these required knowledge is via marketing blogs and blog contents.

And not just any type of marketing blogs but blogs that feature result-oriented, effective, insightful, and experimental content that will not only keep you informed and enlightened but will also motivate you to reach for the stars and be one of the best digital marketers that the world has ever known!

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