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Web Design Joplin Mo Some Basic Elements for your Site

Good Web Design begins with a plan.

Before a web designer is called in it is a good idea to do some pre-planning. This planning should include the following elements

1. Identify your goals for your site

Make a list of the goals that you want to accomplish with your website. It is important to be clear on what you seek to accomplish with each page of the website. What your messaging should be for each page. Think about what search terms a potential customer would use to find the goods or services that each page highlights. You will want to make sure those "keywords" or keyword phrases are prominent in the text of each page.

Consider your prospect. What do they need or want? What are their "hot buttons" and how can you uniquely take care of them. Why should they choose you? Do they need to be informed or educated on your product or services and how can you establish yourself as the expert that they can trust? People price check goods or services that they consider a commodity. They don’t price check an “expert or a specialists”.

2. Proof - An Offer You Can’t Refuse

If you have done a good job covering the wants, needs, fears, desires of your prospect and how you can satisfy their needs you then offer proof. An iron clad guarantee or quality testimonials or before/after photo’s. Something or a number of things that make it clear that you are the best choice and they will be absolutely satisfied if they do business with you.

3. Clear call to action on each page

Most websites convert very poorly. One of the major reasons for this is owners/designers do not have a clear goal in mind for every page of the website and they don’t have a single, clear, call to action to compel visitors to take an action, whether that action is to fill out a form, make a call, click on a buy now button, regardless of the action the page is constructed around the goal of compelling the prospect to take that one small action.

4. Simple site navigation

Even a website as complex as Amazon can get you to anything you are looking for in 3-4 clicks. You need to have clear and concise navigation that makes it simple for your visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Of course a good menu structure helps this, but major products or services should be linked to directly from the Home page.

Good site structure is not only important to your site visitors but it helps search engines in identifying what your site is about and properly indexing your site and your internal pages.

5. Mobile friendly

Every year mobile searches increase and searches from desktop computers are decreasing. You are certainly aware that most people are searching from their mobile phones these days. Insure that your site loads fast and loads correctly on all devises.

6. Finally Image

Unfortunately this is the element that the majority of web designers strive for most and the thing that the majority of owners think they want or need the most. Yes, design and image do matter. But not as much as conversions and traffic to your business. Think about design but only AFTER all of the other elements for a good high converting website are in place.

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