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Video Marketing-A Critical Tool in your Digital Marketing Toolbox;

Many businesses have not even started to take advantage of the power of video marketing. YouTube is the #2 online search engine by volume, in the world. Individuals respond to visual stimulus far more than the printed word. Video is ending up being increasingly more popular on all of the social media platforms. In other words video is the best untapped resource for local companies to engage with their choice potential customers.

Video is perfect for brief clips that fit in well the general flow of social media sites. A business owner can highlight a special service, show off their company local area, or offer an "explainer" video to assist customers comprehend the advantages of their product.

Videos that connect with an audience will be "liked" and "shared" across the web. That sort of totally free direct exposure is the fantasy of every company owner. Video's do not always have to be large, professional productions. Numerous video clips shot with a mobile phone have gone viral on the web. The real secret is producing content that touches your target audience

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