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 Marketing is a Relationship:

Marketing can be compared to dating. It takes some time and numerous interactions to 
develop the know, like and trust. A business relationship is a relationship after all. Your 
marketing projects must concentrate on the process|. This is sometimes described as 
an inverted funnel. At the top of the funnel are the "raw" prospects that might come across
you via your advertising. As you engage more with them, inform them and assist them with 
your quality content they start to trust you. Those that are interested in your company or 
your special offer move farther down the funnel, while some prospects will drop out. Your 
campaign should concentrate on building the relationship with those moving through your 
funnel, and how to interact and continue to reach out to those that have not given a 
response and moved further down the funnel. Those that "drop out" might not be
gone forever. After all, what number of dudes hit it off perfectly with their spouse right from 
the beginning. It is expected that the relationship will take some time and work. 

Gideon Marketing can help you develop an effective marketing plan. 
Call us and let’s get started getting your phone ringing. 

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