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Keto Weight Loss Pills: Real or Fake?

Keto Weight Loss Pills: Real or Fake?

Sorry for the clickbait title, but yes, keto weight loss pills are real, they do work, but are completely useless unless you understand how to use them. In this article, we will uncover bullet-proof weight loss secrets and what the best keto-weight loss pills are. However, this article will probably take 5-10 minutes to read so if you rather invest your time into watching cute cat videos on YouTube then please exit now.

If you’re someone who already knows what they’re doing, then feel free to skip ahead to the product reviews at the bottom of this article, otherwise, read on to become an educated consumer.

To use keto weight loss pills correctly, you should understand the fundamentals of both fat-loss and ketosis. The reality is that most people don’t understand these 2 things and so their fitness journal ends up taking years longer than it should. If you just understand fat loss and keto, you can easily shave years off your fitness plans.

The first section will bridge the gap between in knowledge between where most people are and where they need to be.

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Understanding Fat Loss

The only people who care about weight loss are people competing in a weight division – otherwise, what you really care about is fat loss and that’s what we’ll cover here.

At the core of all fat-loss or weight-loss programs and diets is one principle: If you eat more calories than you consume, your body grows. If you eat less calories than your body consumes then you lose weight. This is the first law of thermodynamics – energy cannot be created or destroyed – it can only be cycled.

What this means is that you could be on any diet that you want, if you eat more calories than you take in, you’re going to gain weight. To lose fat, you have to be in a caloric deficit, otherwise, no matter how many magic pills you take or super powders you sniff – you’re going to stay fat.

Understanding Keto & Keto Weight loss Pills

There’s plenty of articles that go into detail on what ketosis is and how to achieve it and what the benefits are. There’s also several diets/life styles that achieve ketosis. For example, the bone broth diet for weight loss uses intermittent fasting which works to start the process of ketosis faster. Ketosis is when your body is forced to use fat as its primary energy source, which helps you lose fat quicker and more efficiently. For the purposes of this article, we’ll do a summary instead of an analysis.

First, let’s dispel the common myth that keto is great for fat loss. The truth is that a keto diet is great for muscle building but it’s nothing special when it comes to fat loss. Thus keto pills won’t necessarily help with fat loss, but they will make you look way better. 

How to Use Keto to Transform into a Superhuman

The Keto diet will benefit you indirectly in several ways. First, the action of being on a controlled diet (regardless of which one) can limit your calorie intake giving you the opportunity to lose weight. Second, if you’re committed to a keto diet then you’re developing discipline, investing in your health, and chances are, you’re going to care about going to the gym and fitness a lot more. Third, keto gives amazing mental benefits by improving your memory, will-power, and other psychological factors. Lastly, if your body is naturally tuned to keto, it can offer increased levels of strength which means higher weights at the gym and more hypertorphy.

This means that being in a state of ketosis is almost like being a bit super human.

Keto Weight Loss Pills – How to Use Them

Now, hopefully, you understand that the only real way to lose fat is to be in a caloric deficit and that being in a state of ketosis can give you the lifestyle change you need to achieve that deficit. Without understanding these two fundamentals keto weight loss pills are pretty useless. So how do keto weight loss pills help?

Achieving a ketonic state is not easy. Actually, it’s incredibly hard and most people fail at it. The only ways to be in a ketonic state is to either exterminate most carbs from your diet or to adopt a time-restricted feeding life style (i.e, fasting 16 – 18 hours/day).

Keto weight loss pills can help by providing your body with an external source of ketones to drive that ketonic energy. It can give you a spike of energy and improve your ketonic state. Yes, you still need to be disciplined whether you’re on a keto or time-restricted diet, otherwise, these pills won’t work. But, if you’re able to maintain that discipline, then keto weight loss pills will dramatically improve your ketonic experience.

Keto Pills Weight Loss Benefits

Can Decrease Appetite 

Keto weight loss pills or ketone supplements have been shown to decrease appetite, which in return can result in overall weight loss. The appetite suppressing effect comes from lower levels of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, from between four hours of taking the supplement. A study done on the supplements show that 15 people of normal weight taking a keto supplement experienced 50% less hunger after an overnight fast. The supplements work best during a fast instead of after eating a meal because they are shown to work as well when food is already in the stomach beforehand. 

Torches Fat Instead Of Carbs

The average person daily eats a higher quantity of carbohydrates in their diet rather than fat or protein, which results in our body being conditioned to burn carbs to create energy.  When compared to carbohydrates, fat is more difficult to convert into as an energy source. As a result, the fat we consume is stored in our fat cells and we gain more weight over time because of it. When taking keto weight loss pills, they make it easier for your body to go into ketosis and start burning fat instead of carbs. This in return will help us burn most of the fat we consume and lose weight overall. 

Helps You Reach Ketosis Faster

Ketosis is when your body burns fat as its main source of energy instead of carbohydrates. Ketosis is well known to be very challenging to achieve successfully and to keep long term, however, keto weight loss pills can help significantly. Even though the body favors burning carbohydrates over fat as energy, fat is ideally a better source of energy overall. When you are able to achieve ketosis with the help of keto weight loss pills you will experience more energy, weight loss, and alertness along with several other benefits. 

The Best Keto Weight Loss Pills

So to be clear, the only reason we prefer keto weight loss pills over powder is because the powder tastes disgusting while the pills are easily consumed. However, keto meal replacements are easily mixed into protein shakes, smoothies, or come in tasty on-the-go shakes. 

Keto weight loss pills give your body a surge of ketones – the energy source that powers the ketonic state. By increasing the amount of ketones in your body artificially, you’ll enhance your ketonic experience without any negative side effects while on the keto diet. Thus, the best keto weight loss pills are the ones that offer healthy doses of clean ketones.

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