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The Top 4 Pilates Reformer Machines (2020)

With gyms closed and a large number of people working from home, fitness-based products and machines are more important than ever. Not only are gyms closed, but so are yoga, CrossFit, and pilates classes. Even some parks and running trails may be closed. So transitioning your favorite workouts into your home is essential in 2020. 

Luckily, most styles of exercise can be done at home. But when it comes to yoga and pilates, many people don’t feel comfortable or knowledgable enough to perform the movements themselves without a teacher for guidance. That’s where performance-enhancing workout machines can come in handy. 

For those who practice pilates, you can actually get a pilates reformer machine set up in your home. It helps you perform certain exercises and even provides extra resistance so you can build strength. This article will explore the four best pilates reformer machines of 2020, so potential buyers can weigh their options. 

What Is A Pilates Reformer Machine?

For those who don’t know, a pilates reformer machine looks like a bed frame with a sliding platform on it. Your back goes on the sliding platform. On one end of the pilates machine, there is usually a bar or a step for the stability of the feet or hands. On the other end, there is typically a set of cables or stirrups that you can use for extra resistance. 

This machine was invented by Joseph Pilates himself, the founder of pilates, so you can assume that the machine functions really well. A pilates machine is designed to be versatile and challenging. While pilates on a mat is still a great workout, the machine provides a broader range of exercises and helps tone the muscles more. Incorporating the bars, ropes, and stirrups allows you to work different muscles and engage a more extensive range of motion. 

The Best Pilates Reformer Machines of 2020

Now for the breakdown of the four best pilates machines. These machines are all quite different from one another. Some are big and expensive, while others are compact and affordable. So anyone looking to buy a pilates reformer machine can choose which style of product is best suited for their home and their exercise ability. 

Here are the four best pilates reformer machines of 2020. 


#1: STOTT PILATES SPX Max Plus Reformer

This pilates machine takes the original design to the next level by adding a vertical frame that is perpendicular to the base frame. This allows for a wider variety of different movements and exercises so you can really get your money’s worth. You can easily detach the vertical frame as well, which makes this machine easier to move and store. 

With multiple different positions for the gear bar, the rolling platform, the headrest, and the foot bar, it is easy to adjust this pilates machine to fit your body type. It supports heights ranging from 4’8″ up to 6’4″, and there are also removable shoulder rests. 

An easy-to-assemble machine that also comes with two workout DVDs, this pilates reformer machine is a great one. One Amazon reviewer said this machine was “as close to the studio one as you can get.” 

#2: Foldable Pilates Reformer

While the STOTT Pilates Reformer is big and fancy, this pilates machine is compact and foldable. Ideal for people with small homes and limited space, you can easily store this pilates reformer machine in a closet or out of the way until you are ready to exercise. It is made of metal and is durable and stable. 

The sliding platform makes little to no noise. The system of 8 vertical and horizontal wheels runs smoothly and accommodates motions of all speeds and intensities. Because this Pilates machine is small and humble, it is affordable and convenient, and it can still perform all the movements of a heavy-duty pilates machine. 

A satisfied Amazon customer said that this is “easily the best pilates reformer for home use.” It is simple yet effective, and incredibly easy to figure out when you first buy it. 

#3: Peak Pilates Fit Reformer

This pilates machine prides itself in its vertical stackability, meaning you can adjust the machine, so it stands up vertically without having to use any extra parts or add-ons. You can also add a jump board to add more variety in the exercises you can do. The ropes are easily adjustable and have double loops for your hands or feet. 

The sleek design of this pilates machine is visually appealing and functional. Its black aluminum frame is sturdy, and all essential surfaces are covered in non-slip grip material. It is also lightweight and affordable for maximum convenience. Out of all the pilates machines on this list, this one is probably the closest to the traditional design. 

#4: Elina Pilates Convertible Cadillac Reformer

This pilates machine is very different from the last two, but it is definitely one of the best. Elina Pilates’s reformer is pretty big and bulky, with a full trapeze bar that hangs over the base and is supported by the two sides. So completely assembled, this machine takes the shape of a large box. 

But all this extra equipment is meant to broaden the list of exercises you can do. There are lots of different cables, ropes, and handles that you can attach to different parts of the trapeze bar. Everything is adjustable and padded, and it provides an endless range of pilates movements you can do. 

Probably more suited for experienced pilates athletes, or even for those who are eager to learn more and improve their abilities, this machine is extremely versatile. You can even remove the trapeze and sidebars to make the system smaller and more compact. Handcrafted from American rock maple wood and coated with stainless steel, this is definitely one of the more expensive home pilates reformer machines. But the price is fair because this machine is so advanced. 

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