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Huel For Weight Loss Does It Really Work?

Taking the time to prepare and eat a healthy, nutritious meal is a great skill to have, but sometimes it’s just too difficult in everyday life. Shopping, preparing, cooking, and cleaning up is all part of a time-consuming process, and it takes up a lot of time that we sometimes don’t have. This makes it all even harder when we are trying to lose weight and eat healthy meals because when we don’t have the time, fast food is tempting. 

So how will Huel meal replacement products help obtain a healthy lifestyle or overall weight loss? 

Well, Huel is a meal replacement product that’s mission is to provide a nutritionally complete food that is convenient and affordable. With there being copious amounts of options on the market for meal replacements, protein shakes, and weight loss products, Huel must provide something different and useful for customers.

Huel claims to offer health benefits, to curb your appetite, and be cost-effective, but do these claims hold up when it comes to weight loss? 

Huel review

Huel Powder

huel weight loss

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What is Huel Meal Replacements?

Huel is food in powder and drink form that contains a decent amount of proteins, carbs, and fats. The products also include 100% of the FDA’s daily recommended serving of 27 essential vitamins and minerals. It is made for the people who need to eat their meals on-the-go during the more hectic days in life, so we aren’t tempted to eat fast foods or skip meals. These types of nutritionally balanced foods can be very convenient when you also don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare healthy meals and instead curb your craving for junk food. If you want to know more about Huel meal replacement products go to our Huel review article here for an in-depth review. 

The Ingredients

The key ingredients include sunflower, flaxseed, powdered oats, coconut, rice, and vitamins and minerals, along with amino acids which are derived from the ingredients. Now let’s briefly go over the ingredients: 

  • Oats. Oat bran and whole oats in Huel are used as the starch and carbohydrate nutrient content. Oats promote satiety by helping people stick to their diets and control hunger by curbing the appetite. They are also mainly used to help with specific digestive issues individuals may have. 
  • Pea Protein. Pea protein, made from green and yellow peas, is a decent source of protein that can be a good option for vegetarians, vegans, and those who avoid whey, eggs, and meat. The pea ingredient is also shown to improve glycemic control as well. 
  • Coconut MCTs. Medium-chain triglycerides are created from processing coconut oil and have claimed to help prevent muscle breakdown. Coconut MCT is the primary fat source in Huel meal replacement products along with flaxseed. MCTs can help with weight loss by causing some natural reductions in body composition over time. 
  • Brown Rice Protein. Brown rice protein is from brown rice, and like pea protein is an excellent protein option for vegans and vegetarians. Rice protein isolate is also known to increase changes in body composition, such as helping people lose weight more efficiently. 

All of the ingredients in Huel meal replacements products are vegan, have gluten-free options, and are environmentally friendly with minimal packaging. The vitamins and minerals in Huel products are from natural sources as well and have added the B vitamin choline to create a perfect nutrition profile.

How Is Huel Good For Weight Loss?

Huel has been marketed to help people lose weight, but it was not created as a diet product. The products core purpose is to provide you a convenient and healthy alternative when you need to save time during hectic days. However, Huel is still a great supplement to use when trying to lose weight. If you’re putting in the work yourself to eat healthily and exercise consistently, then Huel weight loss can be a great additive to helping you lose weight more efficiently.

Now let’s break down some of the main reasons why Huel can significantly help you lose weight if used correctly.

High Protein. Huel meal replacement products, especially the Huel Powder, is very high in protein compared to most meal replacements on the market, which we have discovered in our Huel vs. Soylent article. At a whopping 29 grams of protein per serving, you can see why Huel has been looked for to aid in individuals weight loss results. Protein helps to increase satiety which helps to keep people from overeating after meals or reaching for junk food. When people are on more restrictive diets having a higher protein content is very important when wanting to stay on track. 

Low Sugar. Another plus when it comes to Huel when compared to other meal replacements is its low sugar count. Sugar is one of our biggest enemies when it comes to losing weight, whether it be us willingly consuming too much or unknowingly doing so. There are only 4.6 grams of sugar per 2,000 calories which is insanely low when it comes to shakes of any kind, including weight loss products.  

Simplified Weight Loss. When you are using any sort of meal replacement, whether it be a protein bar or a weight-loss shake, it makes calorie counting very easy. You can make your shakes ahead of time and just grab and go without wasting any time and not having to worry about consuming too much for that meal. However, we do not recommend eating Huel for every single meal on a daily basis unless absolutely needed; we’ll talk more about this later.  

Recovery From Training. And no, we aren’t talking about athlete training here, but recovery from daily gym sessions. Since Huel contains a high amount of protein for a meal replacement, gym-goers have taken a liking to the shake for muscle repair and replenishing glycogen stores. Being able to recover quickly after gym sessions is quite important when it comes to weight loss so you can be refreshed and ready to start again the next day. 

Even though Huel is not a weight loss product, it can help you naturally shed off a few pounds for the long term, if used correctly. Huel again is not a magic drink that helps you build muscle and shed off the pounds after lazily sticking to your exercise regimen and healthy diet. In order to obtain the weight loss benefits from Huel meal replacement products, you need to work with it and put in an effort to change your lifestyle. 

We also do not recommend eating Huel for every meal day after day and not preparing healthy meals for yourself. We are not under the impression that everybody has the time to prepare and eat healthy meals three times a day, that is just not possible for most people. However, it is crucial to learn to cook healthy meals for yourself, so you can continue your healthy lifestyle long term and use Huel when you need a quick and convenient nutritious meal

Huel Powder

Huel review


  • Inlcudes 2 pouches of nutrition packed Huel, A Shaker, and quick guide. 
  • Made from real food
  • Vegan and Plant friendly
  • High Protein and fiber

Huel Flavor Packs

huel weight loss


  • No added sugar.
  • Roughly there are 75 servings per pouch .
  • Includes a flavor pouch to add to Huel, and does not include any actual Huel powder.

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