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Iaso Tea Reviews: Detox & Weight Loss Is It a Scam?

There’s a lot of hype around Iaso tea detox and Iaso tea weight loss. But the truth is that there’s always been hype for “weight loss teas”. Once one runs it course, a new miracle tea somehow finds its way into the market. So what makes the Iaso tea review different..?

Despite the seedy history of weight loss teas, Iaso tea tells a different story because unlike its predecessors, there’s unbiased scientific literature to back up the claims. Sort of…

If you’re absolutely in a rush and just want the quick gist of things: 

  1. Iaso tea is great for detoxing.
  2. As with most liquid diets, it works by replacing unhealthy meals with a less calorie dense alternative that also happens to lower hunger levels while delivering a nutritious payload.

The Top 3 Iaso Instant Teas

iaso tea

Iaso Detox Tea & Weight Loss

Rating: 4
iaso tea

Iaso Detox Tea With Hemp Extract

Rating: 4
iaso tea

TLC Total Life Changes Control Kit

Rating: 3.5
iaso tea

Iaso Weight loss Tea Samples

Rating: 3.5

Iaso Tea Benefits: What Are They?

Total Life Changes is the producer of Iaso tea, and they claim that there are a wide range of benefits.

Sustained Weight Loss

Iaso tea is not a magic bullet. In fact, it’s not even that special for weight loss. So how does it help sustained weight loss? The utlity of the tea is that it serves to replace unhealthy meal options. Instead of sugary drinks or snacks, the tea steps in as a replacement to curb hunger while also delivering a large payload of nutrients to help your body detox. This lowers your daily calorie intake and thus helps with weight loss. Over time, you’ll be able to break the sugar addiction you don’t know you even have, and phase out the unhealthy foods in your diet.

Our Iaso Tea Weight Loss Disclaimer

No, this disclaimer is not mandatory. But we take pride in providing accurate and helpful information; thus you’ll find this disclaimer wherever we talk about weight loss. 

Your weight is a reflection of your lifestyle. To lose weight, you need to improve your lifestyle. The weight loss components are diet, supplementation, and activity levels. If you can consistently align the 3, you’ll have complete control over your body.

Iaso Tea Improves Mental & Physical Energy

Iaso Tea’s side-effect is that you’ll have improved mental and physical energy. Chances are, the foods/drinks that the Iaso tea replaces are responsible for your morning brain fogs, afternoon fatigues, and lack of motivation. When you phase them out, you’ll “feel” life like you never have before. You’ll wake up in morning feeling energized and happy. You won’t experience those afternoon crashes. You’ll stop living life like a zombie and will finally be able to enjoy everything you do.

As mentioned in our previous guides, you need to be eating healthier and exercising more consistently to see these types of results. This is important because having a boost in these areas not only help in daily life but also to help you stay on track in your weight loss journey. Studies have shown that people who eat healthier and exercises more consistently are more likely to be happier and have greater wellbeing, which can’t be achieved from the drink alone.

Detoxification Of The Digestive System

Iaso Tea has claimed to flush harmful toxins from your upper and lower intestines to promote weight loss and overall health. Our bodies have the ability to remove these through our own built-in detoxification systems such as our kidneys, liver, and skin. However, this process generally leaves us suffering from brain-fog, bloating and fatigue.

Iaso tea helps the digestive system work more efficiently by removing the gunk that normally clogs it up. This is the most skeptical benefit that Iaso Tea has in regards to weight loss. Without getting caught up in the weeds, detox itself is a misunderstood concept. Here’s how it works:

  1. Detox Stage One: The user is currently eating like a dumpster truck and forcing their digestive system to process unhealthy food.
  2. Detox Stage Two: The user replaces the bad food with a “detox product”. 
  3. Detox Stage Three: Because there’s no longer a constant stream of junk running through the user’s digestive system, they experience the “detox” benefits.

Now, those benefits happen to be more energy, better sleep, and less crashes. Those benefits all lead to more motivation which can increase your ability to consistently work out. And coupled with the new calorie deficit, the Iaso tea puts you in a good position for weight loss.

What makes Iaso tea weight loss different is that the tea’s payload includes nutrients which we will cover shortly, all of which promote a healthy digestive system. Not only does it flush out the bad stuff, but it also delivers a whole lot of good.

Iaso Tea Promotes Better Sleep

Chamomile, which is an ingredient found in Iaso Tea, is an herb that is commonly known to have sleep-aiding properties. However, there is not a lot of studies that prove these effects are supported in Iaso Tea alone. There are many individuals who drink Iaso Tea that claim their sleep has been improved with prolonged consumption of the tea. 

What is Iaso Tea? And Where to Buy Iaso Tea

Iaso Tea is produced by the US marketing company Total Life Changes and is available only online for purchase. The mission for the brand of Iaso Tea is providing high quality and all-natural products that offer sustained wellness and fast results. 

Iaso Tea is a herbal detox tea created from a blend of nine different herbs, spices, and fruits. The “gentle detox formula” used in Iaso Tea is supposed to remove toxins from your upper and lower intestines that help you lose weight. Some of the herbs in the tea work as a natural laxative which will empty your upper and lower intestine, so its best to consume only the recommended amount.  

By flushing out your lower and upper intestines, you clear the toxins from your system, which leads to better health. Now each herb listed in the ingredients of Iaso tea is meant to serve a purpose to create overall better health for yourself. Each of these herbs is put together to create Iaso Tea to aid weight loss and detox the body and for anyone who needs help in these areas. 

Iaso Tea Ingredients: What Are They?

The Iaso Tea ingredients include nine herbs and spices such as: 

  • Malva Leaves
  • Persimmon Leaves
  • Myrrh
  • Chamomile
  • Holy Thistle 
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Ginger
  • Papaya

These ingredients are blended together to create a diuretic and weight loss effect by filtering out the toxins from your body. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ingredients to see what they provide and their benefits. 

Persimmon Leaves

Persimmon leaves are used in Iaso Tea because of it being exceptionally high in nutrients such as:

  • vitamin C
  • carotenoids
  • tannins
  • choline
  • calcium
  • magnesium
Iaso tea ingredients

Persimmon usually is known for helping prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. There are also some claims made that it is known to be anti-flu and anti-cancer by inhibiting viral replication. A study was also done on persimmon that shows to increase the metabolism of fatty acids and cholesterol significantly. 

Malva Leaves

Malva leaves, also known as mallow has been used in medicine for several centuries and utilized in China for thousands of years as well. Today Malva, a key ingredient in Iaso tea is used to boost your immune system and prevent bacterial infections among other things such as: 

Iaso tea image malva leaves


  • increasing expectoration
  • reduces swelling 
  • Soothe sore throats
  • Reduce swelling & inflammation
  • Rejuvenate the skin

Malva leaves are also commonly used as a laxative for people with digestive issues, which is one of the reasons why Iaso Tea is used as a diuretic. 


Chamomile is best known as a tea that is calming and good for drinking at night to aid in sleep. It is also used as a dietary supplement for: 

  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Anxiety 
  • Upset Stomach

There is also some research done on chamomile that suggests it may help lower blood sugar levels and aid in digestion health. Other studies have also shown that antioxidants when consuming chamomile play a significant role in the prevention of stress-related chronic diseases. The findings from the study also did indicate that chamomile boosts your immune system because of the free-radicals in the antioxidants. 

Blessed & Holly Thistle

Blessed Thistle was originally used to stimulate the removal of gastric acid from the body as well as treating irregular bile flow, indigestion, and flatulence. This herb is used primarily in Iaso Tea as an anti-inflammatory and as a diuretic to flush more water out with your urine.

Iaso tea detox

Holy thistle has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years and is mainly used for treating: 

  • Hormone imbalance
  • Arthritis 
  • Fevers
  • Respiratory allergies
  • Poor circulation 
  • Inflamed tissues

Other health claims of holy thistle include getting rid of harmful bacteria for younger-looking skin because of its free radicals. It provides a lot of help for Iaso tea by detoxifying the liver and providing diuretic properties for weight loss. 

How Does Iaso Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Iaso Tea has made a few claims over the duration of being on the market about their detox formula such as:

  • Relieves constipation
  • Improves digestion
  • Cleanse upper and lower intestines
  • Removes toxins
  • Helps improve sleep

With there being many weight loss teas on the market all claiming similar results, it is hard to stay on top and reputable. Drinking tea, in general, is a great way to increase the number of fluids you drink a day while also encouraging a healthier lifestyle. However, there are many negative benefits and negative connotations against “diet teas” since they contain diuretics or laxatives, much like our dandelion tea weight loss and ballerina tea weight loss.

The reason why laxatives and diuretics can be seen as unfavorable is that it can result in dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, diarrhea, and reliance on laxatives to open your bowels. These symptoms can result in short term weight loss, but only due to losing water weight and none from real fat loss. However, this tea does explicitly not promote that it works to lose weight only in the short term, but that it functions over time. 

Now, since this tea works overtime, you need to dedicate at least one month of your time to drinking the tea consistently, while also following a healthy lifestyle. Iaso Tea does not work if you do not eat healthily and consistently exercise over a specific period of time to make sure you don’t reverse the detox effects. 

The secret to how Iaso Tea works are from the ingredients. As we have stated above, persimmon leaves are considered to be natural cleansing component and include detoxifying agents such as:

  • Vitamin C
  • Flavanoids
  • Tannins
  • Amino acids
  • Choline
  • Rutin

Today it is used as a diuretic that can assist in Iaso Tea’s primary purpose and weight loss secret, which is cleansing your body system. By utilizing and combining all of the tea’s nine natural herbs, the ingredients work to cleanse the digestive tract every time you consume it, which results in the body detoxing. As a result, your body gets healthier, and when combined with healthy eating and exercising consistently, you have a greater potential to lose weight. The Iaso tea company TLC also has several other products that you can be used to help you in your weight loss journey such as their Nutraburst product. 

What Is Iaso Tea With Hemp Extract?

Iaso Tea is filled with many benefits on its own, however, they have a product that provides those same benefits along with 100 mg of agricultural Hemp Extract. 

Now how does this work exactly? What will it do for my health and weight loss journey? 

The hemp extract provided in the Iaso Tea product is equipped with three additional extracts and combined with 2 grams of Nutriose FM06 (which is non-GMO soluble dextrin fiber). Hemp has been widely accepted and recognized for its many health benefits when ingested and used on the skin. The popular benefits provided in this formula of Iaso tea with hemp extract include help with weight loss, improved sleep, a boost in energy, weight management, and improved skin conditions. 

The infused tea is like its original counterpart providign a formula designed to help with weight loss and reducing appetite so you feel fuller for longer. It is also still a detox tea so it helps cleanse your intestines and internal organs. 

What People Are Saying About Iaso Tea

Mainly Iaso Tea has positive reviews coming from videos, blog posts, and online articles that are advocating the tea. Many individuals leaving reviews on the tea state that the tea worked very well for them and that they were able to lose a significant amount of weight while consuming it. If the customers are stating that they initially lost weight with the tea, then they are most likely providing information on the water weight they have lost.

Some of the reviews on the tea have stated that the tea helps curb their appetite and drink more water. People have also been praising that the tea since it is an entirely natural product, goes well with all types of diets and lifestyles such as:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • VeganKeto
  • Paleo
  • Soy-Free

It is essential to read reviews on the long term results of weight loss, which there is some information on. Most of the time, products like Iaso Tea help people stick to their healthy lifestyles more strictly to help the tea work better, and that does help to a great extent. As we have said many times before, no supplement, no special tea, or magic pill can do all of the work for you. However, some of these products can help make the results more significant; you just have to work with these products to see actual results.

Iaso Tea Price

The cost of Iaso tea varies depending on how much you order. Like all things on the internet, buying in bulk leads to cheaper prices. Thankfully, the company offers small test packages for an affordable price (because of potential shifts in prices, we don’t directly quote numbers). To see their Iaso tea sample, click here.

Iaso Natural Detox Tea

iaso tea


  • Packaged individually to enjoy & benefit from at home or on the go
  • A natural catheric detox blend for weight loss
  • Reduces appetite so you will feel fuller longer and eat less
  • Cassia Angustifolia, Carica Papaya & Matricaria Chamomile Extracts, all known to have natural medicinal benefits 

Iaso Detox Tea With Hemp Extract

iaso tea


  • Each packet contains 4.2 grams of instant tea detox, 25 packets per bag
  • Infused with Hemp extract: The same great benefits of the Original Iaso Instant Detox Tea with the addition of 100 mg agricultural Hemp Extract.
  • Designed to help weight loss – reducing appetite so you will feel fuller longer and eat less.
  • Includes Iaso detox tea instant packs: Packaged individually to enjoy & benefit from at home or on the go.

TLC Total Life Changes Control Kit

iaso tea


  • Natural Herbal Detox Tea Bags – 5 packs (1 month supply + 1 to share) and Resolution & Life Weight Loss Drops – (1 bottle provides 28 days of dietary supplement).
  • Helps with reduction in food cravings, less bloating, less gas, and indigestion.
  • Detox your body so that you can absorb the proper nutrients from your food, giving you more energy to take on the day.

Iaso Weight loss Tea Samples

iaso tea


  • 1 packaged individually to enjoy & benefit from at home or on the go
  • A natural catheric detox blend for weight loss & cleansing the colon and digestive tract
  • Designed to help weight loss – reducing appetite so you will feel fuller longer and eat less
  • Cassia Angustifolia, Carica Papaya & Matricaria Chamomile Extracts, all known to have natural medicinal benefits
Iaso tea is produced by Total Life Changes. They do not sponsor us or this article.

Iaso Tea Images

When most people think of a tea, they imagine a flower. And while there are some teas made from one flower, most teas are actually a mixture of many ingredients. When searching for Iaso tea images, the closest you’ll get to finding the right out is either the product or the several igredients that make it up.

Iaso Tea is a detox tea that helps your body lose weight through detoxing of the body and reducing appetite to prevent overeating. The tea provides these detoxing effects through its natural ingredients that provide detoxing or diuretic effects. You can lose weight and promote a healthy lifestyle for your body by drinking this tea on a daily basis over a period of time. 

Iaso tea promotes that it only takes five days for the tea to start producing weight loss effects, however, this is not real weight loss results. This is a result of the loss of water weight due to the diuretics in the tea, but real bodyweight loss can be achieved through the tea. The tea works best over a period of time of consuming it daily while eating healthy and exercising consistently.  

The symptoms of side effects of IASO Tea are

  • Frequent urination
  • Gas
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach

These are mainly as a result of the detoxification and diuretic effect in the natural ingredients and many of these can be alleviated by drinking enough water each day. 

Iaso tea is not considered a laxative tea, but it does have laxative properties. It is promoted as a detox tea mainly with symptoms that laxatives give since a lot of the ingredients are natural mild laxatives. 

Most people have heard all the hype about the new weight-loss trend, “weight loss” or “detox” teas. Weight loss teas have become very common as a way to lose weight quick and easy, or so they claim to be. Many people are drawn in by the hefty promises made by detox and weight-loss teas, but the question is, do they actually work? 

Iaso Tea is an herbal tea made from natural and high-quality ingredients that claim to rid the body from toxins and aid in weight loss. However, there has been a lot of negative connotation over these types of teas because their “quick” weight loss results are proven to be from losing water weight instead of body mass. If you want more information on the specific products we made an article reviewing the Iaso Tea products in depth here. 

We’re here to get to the bottom of the popular tea and examine all aspects including the ingredients, what it does for our bodies, their claims, and if it actually provides weight loss results. Iaso Tea has been singled out from all the other weight loss teas because of its completely natural ingredients and constant praise from customers, but are the claims valid?

First Off, What Is Iaso Tea?

Iaso Tea is a “gentle detox formula” that helps remove the toxins from your upper and lower intestines, and can also work as a laxative tea. The herbal tea is a unique blend of nine different herbs and spices that claims to promote weight loss and detoxification of your intestines. 

Iaso Tea is produced by the marketing company called Total Life Changes who sell a wide variety of all-natural health and wellness products. This product was originally made to be sold through direct marketing, but the product has grown so much in popularity that it has become a well-known name in weight loss products. 

The Ingredients

The ingredients of Iaso Tea is an all-natural and a blend of nine herbs, spices, and fruits that all perform a specific purpose. The list goes as follows: 

  • Holy Thistle
  • Myrrh
  • Persimmon Leaves 
  • Ginger
  • Marsh Mallow
  • Malva Leaves
  • Chamomile
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Papaya

Holy Thistle. Holy thistle is known to detoxify the liver, treat hormone balance, and help with arthritis. This ingredient has been used in traditional medicine for over 2000 years to treat a wide array of medical issues. The detoxifying claims are made since Holy thistle contains Silymarin, which is a flavonoid that is known to help protect the liver. 

Myrrh. The ingredient myrrh has been a standard treatment for sore throats but also is packed full of antioxidants. This makes it useful in helping detoxify the liver, which is why Iaso Tea claims its powerful detoxifying effects. 

Persimmon Leaves. Persimmon leaves are high in several nutrients such as: 

  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Amino acids
  • Choline

Since persimmon leaves also specifically contain tannins and flavonoids, that opens up for persimmon to offer several other health benefits. 

Ginger. This ingredient is well known to be very helpful for overall health and protecting against major medical conditions. It’s also used as a natural treatment for many digestive issues, which is why it is used in several teas to help with stomach problems. 

Marsh Mallow. Marsh mallow is often used as a gentle laxative and to treat respiratory tract irritations.

Malva Leaves. Malva leaves is one of the ingredients that make Iaso Tea work as a natural laxative, since this ingredient is used often as such. This ingredient has been used in medicine for many centuries and is used today mainly to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. 

Chamomile. Chamomile is mainly known to be in teas to produce a calming effect to help with sleep. However, the herb is also used as a natural antibacterial tonic and managing digestive disorders. 

Blessed Thistle. This ingredient is mainly used to treat flatulence and indigestion. Blessed thistle also is known to be a fantastic anti-inflammatory and treat digestive problems. 

Papaya. Papaya is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which helps treat medical conditions and defend against aging. It also contains the digestive enzyme papain, which enhances your digestive system when you need help with such. 

Iaso Tea Claims

Sustained & Quick Weight Loss

The boldest claim that Iaso Tea provides is that the tea can make you lose five pounds in five days. There is no actual research that proves detox teas can make you lose that amount of weight in such a short amount of time. Nor is it likely that your body could do such a thing in a short amount of time. The harsh reality of that claim is that if you do see fast weight loss results, it will be water weight and not body mass being lost. 

However, that’s not to say the tea doesn’t help with weight loss in general. When disregarding the fact that the tea is a natural diuretic and you will lose water weight in the first couple of days, there are signs of overall weight loss with consistent use of the tea. We must also state that when drinking the tea for weight loss, you must eat healthily and exercise consistently to see the full benefits. Like everything we recommend on our website, we like to reiterate the point that there is no magic weight loss pill or tea of any kind that can help you shed off pounds without putting in the work. 

We like to look at Iaso Tea as similar to weight loss supplement stacking, but instead of stacking with multiple supplements, they are all blended into one tea. Since the tea is all-natural and not claiming to have some secret special weight loss ingredient, we can believe that the product isn’t supposed to only be a super fast-acting product. You must drink the tea over a sustained period while continuing your healthy eating and workout regimen.  


Iaso Tea claims to detox your body to help with losing weight more efficiently and clearing your body of harmful toxins. Their claims of purifying the blood and regulating bowel function also go into this category as well. The claim also seems a bit bold to us since the human body has it’s very own way of breaking down and removing these toxins such as our liver, kidneys, and skin. There isn’t much research done to prove that our body needs extra help with these functions, which makes it a bit useless. 

However, it’s not the detoxifying actions that necessarily make this tea useful in this category. Since most teas like to advertise “detoxifying” type products to turn heads, they leave out the benefits that matter the most. Many of the ingredients of the tea, such as papaya and myrrh, have gastric healing and antimicrobial properties. As well as almost all of the ingredients have potent antioxidants that not only rid our body of impurities and free-radicals but helps our skin from aging and our bodies from becoming ill. 

Increase In Physical & Mental Energy

Iaso tea claims to provide a boost in mental and physical energy as a result of all the “detoxifying” and “weight loss aid” effects. This is one of the more believable claims (along with natural weight loss) since the tea itself becomes a big motivator for people to be healthier. Not only is the tea packed full of healthy, antioxidant-packed ingredients, but as you start eating healthy and exercising consistently, you become more energized naturally. 

Better Sleep

Since Iaso Tea contains chamomile, an herb that is shown to provide sleep-aiding benefits, and it has no caffeine, we can start to believe their claim of better sleep to be true. Chamomile has been praised for its relaxing and sleep-promoting effects on its own, and in the tea, as it also works synergistically with the other ingredients to work better. The “detoxifying” effects of the tea are also supposed to promote relaxation as well. 

So, Does the Tea Actually Work For Weight Loss?

There may be a lot of impressive results, reviews, and promising claims that Iaso tea really works and there may even some before and after pictures to really prove it to their customers. However, you can never know for sure if these reviews are entirely legitimate, and if the product really works for weight loss. As we have already gone over above, the Iaso Tea’s hefty claim of losing five pounds in five days guaranteed is just to good to be true. Most likely, any instant weight loss that is seen with the tea is the result of water weight loss and no actual body mass being lost. 

However, there is hope in losing weight overtime with Iaso Tea. When it comes to anything in the weight loss supplement market, there is no such thing as a magical pill or supplement that can help you lose weight without putting in any of the efforts. Since we have gone over all of the ingredients and the claims Iaso Tea promotes to their customers, we can conclude that with the effort put in you can lose weight on Iaso Tea. 

On our website, we always promote eating healthy and exercising consistently, but there are several weight loss supplements out there that can genuinely help you in your journey. Iaso Tea is natural “detox” tea that can only provide real benefits if you put in the energy as well, such as eating a healthy diet, exercise consistently, and drinking the tea consistently. Weight loss won’t happen overnight, but over a period of time, you will see long term results that can last longer than the popular fad diets. 

We want all the people reading our articles to learn healthy eating and exercising habits to benefit for long-lasting weight loss results. However, we also encourage to take natural supplements, like Iaso Tea, to help you see your weight loss results more efficiently. We can also say the same about oolong tea for weight loss which is a similar natural product people use along with Iaso tea. This not only will help you lose weight but will help you with other health aspects in your life, as long as you stay consistent.

Organic tea is well known as one of the healthiest beverages that we can consume, and it can provide a lot of benefits for our body. It didn’t take long for the weight loss industry to see the drink’s potential and turn it a “diet” or “detox” product for individuals to use. If you want to read a more in-depth review about the products of Iaso Tea we made an article here that will provide all the information you’ll need. Iaso Tea is one of those detox or weight-loss teas on the market that makes hefty claims of rapid weight loss and overall health benefits, but are these claims valid? 

Iaso Tea is a detox product made by Total Life Changes products, and it is produced to detoxify your body from toxins and aid in weight loss efforts. It is made with an all-natural blend of nine herbs, spices, and fruits allowing for complete absorption of vital nutrients in your body. Their strong claims don’t all hold up, but there is a significant amount of proof to show that Iaso Tea can help you with your weight loss journey. However, a lot of people know about the real benefits of the product and how it works to help you obtain a healthier lifestyle. Keep on reading if you want to know more information about the new and popular Iaso Detox Tea.

1. It Actutally Does Work For Weight Loss…But Not Rapid Weight Loss

Iaso Tea claims that individuals who drink it will lose up to five pounds within five days. With there being tons of weight loss teas on the market with boastful claims such as this, you can expect there to be some speculation. Most likely, these rapid weight loss claims aren’t from actual fat loss, but instead the water weight people lose from the product being a diuretic. 

However, the tea has been shown to provide weight loss results over a period of time and for the long term. The tea is recommended to be taken along with eating healthy and keeping a consistent exercise plan to see significant weight loss results. As we have said multiple times on this site, there is no such thing as a magical pill or tea that will shed the pound off without us putting any effort in.

You have to work with Iaso Tea for the benefits to come through, just like a fat-burning supplement doesn’t work if you stay on the couch eating potato chips all day. This tea formula is also designed to reduce your appetite as well, so you will feel more satisfied after eating for longer. 

2. The Detox Part May Not Be All It’s Hyped Up To Be

First of all, we should start by saying that this doesn’t mean that the detox part of the tea doesn’t work. However, it doesn’t work the way most people would think or how the company would like you to believe. If we go back to what we stated before about eating healthy and exercising consistently, that pertains to the detox benefit of this tea as well. If you are working out and eating healthy, then Iaso Tea might be able to provide some needed detoxifying benefit. 

Iaso Tea claims to flush the harmful toxins out from the upper and lower intestines to provide several different benefits. However, the human body has its own ability to breakdown and remove these toxins from namely the liver, kidneys, and skin. This leads us to believe that the detox properties of this tea don’t do as much for our body’s as we may think, but the benefits still won’t hurt. 

3. The Ingredients Are All Natural & Full Of Benefits

The ingredients in Iaso Tea are nine all-natural herbs, fruits, and spices that contain loads of benefits. The nine ingredients go as followed: 

  • Persimmon Leaves: High in Magnesium, amino acids, and vitamin C. 
  • Holy Thistle: Contains powerful flavonoid called Silymarin, which can protect the liver. Can detox the liver as well. 
  • Papaya: High in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also enhances digestive function. 
  • Myrrh: Rich in Antioxidants and protects the liver from damage. 
  • Blessed Thistle: Commonly known to help with digestive problems. 
  • Marsh Mallow: A mild laxative. 
  • Ginger: Treats digestive and indigestion issues. 
  • Malva Leaves: A natural laxative and is also commonly known to help soothe sore throats. 
  • Chamomile: A natural antibacterial and also is used to sleep aid. 

Throughout the making of Iaso Tea, there is a lot of care put in to ensure that the tea remains pure and potent in each of its ingredients nutrients. All of these ingredients are not only natural, but their listed benefits are legitimate and researched by science. This product being all-natural is also very safe and can be used by all people young, old, or with certain medical problems.  

4. It Can Help You Feel More Energized Physically And Mentally

The makers of Iaso Tea, total life changes tea, have claimed that their tea gives individuals a boost in physical energy and mental clarity as a result of the other benefits of the tea such as detoxification. This is because toxins are known to slow the body and impact the way your brain works. The tea can help restore mental clarity and deliver a decent amount of energy after you start to drink it over time. 

This could also be because Iaso Tea itself helps us make better decisions with our health and bodies. Since we need to be eating healthy and exercising regularly to get the full benefits of the tea, we will see a lot of positive advantages from that as well. Studies have shown that people who eat healthily and exercise more often tend to be happier and report better wellbeing. 


The original Iaso Instant Detox Tea already has a lot going for it when it comes to health and weight loss. It has a modest dose of caffeine per serving, is packed with antioxidants, and filled with natural ingredients to reach your personal goals. While the original product itself is already successful on its own, the company Total Life Changes, in partnership with some of the top rated CBD isolate manufacturers of 2020 decided to make the beverage product even better by adding CBD

Hemp extract is being put in many different products across the health market, such as body washes, lotions, teas, and many more because of its many benefits on human health. Iaso tea adding hemp extract to its products has not only turned heads but provided an option for individuals to try the benefits for themselves. However, do the benefits of the Iaso Instant Detox Tea with the addition of 100 mg of Hemp Extract hold up to its claims of health and weight loss?

iaso tea

Iaso Instant Tea Detox With Hemp Extract

First Of All, What is Hemp Tea? 

Herbal teas have been an everyday staple around the world for many years now and have been used for its many health benefits. More recently, hemp tea has begun to show up in more health stores and local grocery stores for individual consumption. Hemp tea actually has a long history originating in Asia in which it is created from dried flowers and the leaves of the hemp plant. When harvested at the plants maturest, the cannabinoid content is at its richest, which is used in hemp teas. 

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to CBD is that anything made from hemp will get you high, which is not the case. CBD is made without THC, which is the component used to produce that high effect. When you are consuming CBD regularly, it is completely safe to drink, and regular consumption helps the body’s functions to work in a more balanced and efficient way.  

What are the benefits of Putting Hemp In Your Tea? 

  1. Eases Everyday Stress And Improves Mood. Everyday stress is very common in everyday life when it comes to juggling work, at home demands, and personal health. Consuming hemp has been shown to help with stress by producing a calming and relaxing feeling during stressful times in your day. These benefits can be explained in the numerous components of the cannabis plant, which contains antioxidants that help repair cells and protect them from damage. CBD is also shown to reduce cortisol production in the body, which helps reduce the effects of stress. The essential fatty acids in hemp are also proved to be crucial to mood regulation by regulating the release of neurotransmitters in your brain. 
  2. Weight Regulation. Many people associate cannabis with a stimulated appetite, and when you smoke the plant, you feel naturally hungrier. However, that is not the case when it comes to consuming CBD and hemp extract. CBD is suggested to reduce appetite and control obesity because the CB1 receptor, which stimulates the appetite, is blocked off by CBD naturally. Instead of completely deactivating the CB1 receptors, CBD influences other molecules to block them off, which helps reduce the appetite and overeating. 
  3. Supports Restful Sleep. There are many natural ways that you can promote sleep in your daily life, such as changing your lifestyle and nutrition, but what most people don’t know is that hemp extract can help as well. Research suggests that the cannabidiol in hemp can promote restful sleep, even for those who struggle with sleep or have insomnia. CBD oil is well known to also assist with pain, stress, and anxiety, which can all be related to a poor sleep regimen or be effected by said things. 
  4. Supports exercise recovery. When you increase your exercise or athletic training, your muscles are put through a lot of stress and need longer recovery times as a result. Along with soothing inflammation, research indicated that hemp might inhibit the neurotransmitter GABA which can relieve muscle tension. This is all with the help of the combined benefits of antioxidants, omegas, and cannabinoids, which are all found in hemp oil that supports exercise recovery. 
  5. Boosts Heart Health. According to a study published in the Journal Pharmacological Research, cannabinoids can reduce blood pressure and help improve circulation in your tissues. How this works is that the compounds found in hemp open the arteries causing them to relax and widen, which helps with preventing heart attacks and overall heart health.

So, What is Iaso Instant Detox Tea With Hemp? 

Iaso Instant Detox Tea, with the addition of 100 mg of Hemp extract is an all-natural formula and equipped with three additional extracts. It is also combined with 2 grams of Nutriose FM06, with only ten calories per serving for people watching their weight. This product has all the same benefits as the original Iaso Instant Detox Tea, such as weight loss & management, a boost in energy, improved sleep, and the detox of intestines and internal organs. With the added benefits of hemp extract, this Iaso Tea product has a lot to offer when it comes to health and weight loss. 

Ingredients In Iaso Instant Detox Tea With Hemp

Soluble Fiber Dextrin 

Nutriose FM 06 is a soluble dextrin obtained from corn starch and dissolves in water easily. Soluble fiber dextrin provides the benefits of dietary fiber while supporting the quality of Iaso Tea. Research studies have shown that soluble fiber can promote satiety, which helps with feeling fuller faster and prevents overeating. 

Carcia Papaya Extract 

The Carica papaya extract plant originated within southern Mexico and Central America and is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties provide benefits for your weight loss and health journey by reducing bloating symptoms and protecting against free radicals. The plant also has been known to provide wound healing properties as well. 

Cassia Angustifolia Extract 

The extract of the seeds of this native Indian plant has been shown to have powerful cleansing features that relieve constipation. The extract may also increase colon motility in the body, as well. 

Matricaria Chamomilla Extract

Matricaria Chamomilla Extract has been used in herbal medicine for countless years to treat stomach pain and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also help promote sleep for people who struggle to get an adequate amount of sleep at night or suffer from insomnia.   

How To Take Iaso Instant Detox Tea With Hemp

When it comes to drinking Iaso Tea for health or weight loss benefits, it is most effective and beneficial to consume the beverage in a specific way and routine. It is most beneficial to drink the beverage 1.5 hours after your first meal, then 1.5-2 hours after your second meal to boost your energy levels and to allow the ingredients to suppress your appetite effectively. 

Another way you can consume the tea is to drink it regularly 20-30 minutes before two of your meals per day to begin the stretching of your stomachs receptors. This sends a signal to your brain that food is present in your stomach, and the soluble fiber then enters your digestive tract 20 minutes after consuming. This can then allow your body to release hormone signals to the hypothalamus, which will help your body create the “full factor” response to your brain when eating your meal. This results in you feeling fuller while eating less during your meal and prevents overeating or snacking afterward.

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