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People urged to seek prompt medical advice if they suspect rabies exposure2019-4-15 05:31:23 There is only a short window of opportunity to seek medical help before rabies becomes almost invariably fatal, but people wa... Christchurch shooting: Multiple people killed in attacks on two mosques in New Zealand2019-3-15 12:37:23 SOURCE: News – Read entire story here. From https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/03/15/new-zealand-police-respond-reports-mo... Are Inactive Ingredients in Your Drugs Really So Harmless?2019-3-15 15:12:21 Title: Are ‘Inactive’ Ingredients in Your Drugs Really So Harmless?Category: Health NewsCreated: 3/13/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Ed... Google Employee Is Credited With Calculating Most Accurate Value Of Pi2019-3-16 05:42:28 Emma Haruka Iwao has computed over 31 trillion of its digits. She and her team calculated 31,415,926,535,897 digits of pi — c... State Highlights: D.C. Mayor Bowser Drops By White House Asks For New VA Hospital; Rhode Island Removes 911 Director From Job2019-3-16 05:42:29 Media outlets report on news from D.C., Rhode Island, Minnesota, Georgia, Massachusetts, Washington, Missouri, Ohio, Maryland... Viewpoints: Teens Deserve The Right To Get Vaccinations When Parents Say No; Expanding Medicaid Would Help Decrease Maternal Death Rates2019-3-16 05:42:29 Opinion writers weigh in on these health topics and others. From https://khn.org/morning-breakout/viewpoints-teens-deserve-th... Longer Looks: Expensive ERs; Ending HIV; And Gun Injury Data2019-3-16 05:42:29 Each week, KHN’s Shefali Luthra finds interesting reads from around the Web. From https://khn.org/morning-breakout/longer-loo... Weekly Link LoveEdition 202019-3-16 05:42:30 Research of the Week Neolithic Brits hosted massive feasts that drew people and pigs from all over the island. Researchers sa... Friendly Robot Vampire2019-3-16 05:42:30 Earlier in the week, I wrote up my thoughts on the Freestyle Libre 14 Day system and also promised perspectives from a collea... Periodontitis May Raise the Risk for Developing Dementia2019-3-16 05:42:31 Journal of the American Geriatrics Society Research Summary Gum disease (gingivitis) that goes untreated can become periodont... Our brains may ripple before remembering2019-3-16 05:42:31 NIH study suggests tiny electrical brain waves may be a hallmark of successful memory retrieval. From https://www.nih.gov/new... What youve missed this week2019-3-16 05:42:31 Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… Dental charges set to rise ... Questions Patients Never Ask Me2019-3-16 05:42:32 The beginnings of human civilization were not that long ago Historically, men have been raised and conditioned by society to ... Podcast: KHNs What The Health? The Karma Of Cutting Medicare2019-3-16 05:57:26 Julie Rovner Kaiser Health News @jrovner Read Julie’s Stories Rebecca Adams CQ Roll Call @RebeccaAdamsDC Read Rebecca’s Stori... Sweat holds most promise for noninvasive testing2019-3-16 05:57:27 Medical researchers have been creating new sensors on a wearable patch the size of a Band-Aid that stimulates sweat even when... Precision medicine for pediatric cancer2019-3-16 05:57:27 Research performed over the last several decades has led to an increased understanding of the genetics of cancer. The clinica... How Technology Is Changing The Way We Deal With Mental Health2019-3-16 05:57:27 Text therapy, an increasingly popular way to communicate with therapists, has both benefits and disadvantages. From https://w... Ccna2 as a Novel Regulator of Cellular Senescence2019-3-16 05:57:28 Given the present wave of investment into the treatment of aging, in both the business and research communities, and given th...
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