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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Beautiful Single Lithuanian Women

Lithuania is the southernmost country of the Baltic states in northeast Europe. If you are considering going there, either as a permanent relocation or just for a vacation, you obviously want to know about their women. You might be considering dating one and getting into a serious relationship, or you are just looking for a short fling.

Either way, this article will help you by telling you what the average – though they are far from that – Lithuanian ladies looks like, what they want from a man, how to date them successfully, plus where you can meet them.

Consider this a dating guide, but exclusively for beautiful Lithuanian women.

What do Lithuanian women look like?

Single Woman From Lithuiana

Well, they are super gorgeous, that’s for sure!

They have very striking features, and one that completely stands out is their blonde, healthy hair. No, seriously, walking through the streets of their many cities will have you feeling like you are in a shampoo commercial.

Though not all Lithuanian girls are blondes, the majority of them are, with the rest being brunettes, and only about one percent of the population being red-headed.

Lithuanian ladies’ facial features are just as striking too:

With their large ocean blue eyes and well-carved yet delicate face and cheek structure, they look like models, and their body shape just adds to that portfolio.

They are slim, with just the slightest curves, and tall, most of them above 5”8. Yep, that tall. And even the shorter girls have long legs, which is a plus really because they are just so good to look at.

Why are Lithuanian brides so hot?

Their model-like features, healthy, and very long hair make them very special. You will literally feel like you are watching a never-ending runway everywhere you go. Plus, they are very elegant in their dressing, and you will more often than not see them in the cutest dresses and heels.

What are they like?

Apart from their physical attributes, which are clearly enough to have you swooning, you may also want to know a bit about their character.

They are extremely intelligent and up to date with the world.

Do not be fooled by the fact that they are in a small country. They are very smart, they read a lot, are well educated, and keep up to date with a lot of happenings in the world.

What does this tell you?

That cheesy and common pick-up lines might not be your most preferred go-to here. They can also read your intentions from miles away.

They can be very modest.

From their dressing to their way of life, these beautiful single Lithuanian brides have such a modest and subtle approach to life, as compared to their fellow European counterparts. Unlike, for example, the Russians whose dressing is very loud and extravagant, a Lithuanian woman keep a lower profile.

They are not very good at other languages.

Now, if you are planning on full-time relocation and serious commitment, you should consider learning their language too. This is not to say that there are no English-speaking Lithuania women, but it will serve you better to learn to speak a little bit of Lithuanian or Russian. Even if you are there for a short stay, picking up some of the basics won’t hurt.

They’re very straightforward.

Lithuanian women can be very straightforward. If they like or dislike something, they will be upfront about it. If they are not really feeling your vibe, they will tell you in advance – so no worries about being led on.

They are outgoing.

You will rarely catch a Lithuanian woman idling. If they are not working, they are exploring areas around them since their social scene is very much alive. They will either be visiting art galleries, be out on trips with friends or clubbing, whether at an establishment or at a house party.

They are very patriotic.

Since their separation from the Soviet Union, Lithuanian women, and just Lithuanians, in general, are very proud of their country. That is one key thing to note about them. The same goes for the Estonian and Latvian women.

Lithuanian women are family oriented.

The ladies are very close to their babushkas; these are their mothers, grandmothers, and aunts. So you should know that the opinion of the women in their lives will really matter.

Stereotypes of Single Lithuanian Girls

Beautiful Woman From Vilnus

There are a few things you may have heard or read about the ladies from Lithuania. We’ll tell you just how true they are, so you know what to expect when you go there.

Single Lithuanian ladies are desperate for love and attention from men.

This is usually peddled around because the number of Lithuanian women is much higher than their men. However, this is not true at all. Even though getting a man may be a bit harder due to their ratio, they do not come off as desperate or anything of that sort. They carry themselves with as much class as possible.

They are very available sexually

This may, or may not, be true, and it all depends on you. These sexy Lithuanian women are very particular with their men, so how you present yourself is what will determine how the night will go.

They like foreign men.

You may have been led to believe that Lithuanian women are crazy about foreigners. Well, they are not that crazed by the idea as most Lithuanian women are in relationships with fellow Lithuanian men. Their men are, after all, very well-mannered and groomed, which is actually a bit of a competition for you.

How to Date a Lithuanian Bride

Now, Lithuanian women, as earlier mentioned, are very particular about the men they are with, and will not just settle for anyone.

Their preference goes above your physical appearance (although that does not mean you should ignore how you look). Here are a few tips for you before you date a Lithuanian:

Be a gentleman; chivalry will take you a long way

Be the perfect gentleman – this should go unsaid. Hold doors open for them, open the car door for her, pull up her chair, and if she is carrying something heavy, help her with it. She will notice all the little things!

Be respectful

Respect is paramount, even if you are just looking for a one-night stand. Do not come on to her too strong, respect her boundaries, and only do things after she gives you consent. You don’t want to be that guy.

Good grooming is a must

The ladies are elegant dressers, as earlier mentioned. You should be too. Be clean, and dress in smart, casual outfits. Image is everything. With the Lithuanian women beautifully adorning themselves, you should also make a visible effort.

Be on time!

Never keep a lady waiting! To stay ahead of your game, you could get there about ten minutes earlier. Women are such good timekeepers and having her wait for you will just be one big turn off.

Financial stability is a plus

They like a man who can pick up the tab. Once in a while, surprise her with a gift. They want a man who has his finances in check. You do not have to be a billionaire or anything like that, but at least show her that you can provide.

Hold smart and meaningful conversations

They are intelligent and need someone to match that up. Do not be afraid of jogging your mind muscles a bit; it will work in your favor in the end.

Where Can You Meet a Single Lithuanian Woman?

If you are a foreigner, how to meet Lithuanian women might seem like a challenge, but do not worry, it really is not as hard as you think.

You can meet Lithuanian women in social settings where one can relax and unwind. They frequent coffee stores, where you can find them reading a book, or in bistros. Another common meeting place is on shopping streets and in malls too.

Clubs and house parties are also pretty common places to link up with a beautiful single Lithuanian. Art galleries and tour experiences could work as well.

Asides from physically bumping into one, you might want to consider online dating sites, with apps like Tinder having a high success rate for hookups. Here, ensure that you take the necessary precautions when arranging for a physical meet-up with an individual you’ve met online.

10 Most Beautiful Lithuanian Women

Violeta Riaubiskyte – Singer

Violeta Riaubiskyte Lithuanian Singer

Violeta is well-known beautiful Lithuanian singer and TV show host too. She even co-hosted once alongside her husband. On her portfolio is an album and several singles.

Rasa Zukauskaite – Lithuanian Model

Rasa is a commercial model and artist that has worked with several leading agencies around the world.

Egle Tvirbutaite – Vogue Model

Egle is a beautiful red-haired Vogue model, who has also featured in the Italian Marie Claire. She does cover photos, runway images, and so much more.

Margarita Svegzdaite – Model

Margarita is a gorgeous Lithuanian with Russian roots. She has modeled for the Victoria’s Secret runway, amongst other top agencies too.

Reda Lapaite – Maxim Model

A gorgeous Maxim model, Reda has had her stints on TV too.

Jurgita Valts – Adult Model

Miss Valts has appeared on Playboy Maxim and is well known as an adult content actress.

Edita Vilkeviciute – Famous Model

She is a model who has appeared on Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle, and works with several modeling agencies. She is from Kaunas the second largest city in Lithiuania.

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