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3 Tips to Consider When Looking for Web Hosting Services in Houston

Web hosting companies are not all equal, although they may seem to promise all the same things like high uptime, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and other enticing offerings. As such, you need to do a comprehensive analysis of service providers you are considering along with the things that they marketing to make sure that you are choosing the right web host for your needs. Here are some critical things you should look into when choosing a web host:


  1. Focus Areas- Different websites have different needs and not all hosting providers can meet those requirements. This said, it is important for you to assess your needs first before even seeking out the right web hosting company. Knowing what your current and future needs are in terms of web hosting will help you narrow down your choices to companies that can provide you with solutions that best fit your requirements and complement weak points in your web development strategies. Ask yourself what you want out of your website or what you want/need it to do, be it hosting a blog or accepting orders, or perhaps facilitate an entire range of e-commerce transactions. Having a list of all your website requirements will help you chose the right web host with the capacity to provide you what you need and grow with you as your business progresses.
  2. Tech Support- Look for a web hosting service that offers 24/7 tech support and excellent accessibility. You want a web host that can provide you with multi-level support and access through email, live chat, toll-free phone, and other convenient means to ensure that you can receive the assistance you need when you need it.
  3. Growth possibilities-Look for a hosting service capable of growing as your business grows. Choose a web service that offers scalability and good upgrade options to accounts handled so that upgrading to a higher plan or perhaps downgrading to accommodate changes in your operations can be done with ease and the least downtime.

Choosing a web host shouldn’t be difficult if you know exactly what you need out of the service. This is why it pays assessing your business’ requirements before setting out to look for the right web host to cater to your unique needs.    


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IS&T Consulting Group, LLC is a Houston based Managed IT Services company specializing in supporting small/medium businesses. Services include Website design, e-Commerce, Custom CMS, Mobile Apps (Android/iOS), Outsourced IT, Helpdesk, Network Support, Server monitoring, Desktop maintenance / management, Virtual Servers (Windows/Linux), O365 Email, Azure. We work with you directly to create a custom solution catered to meet your unique business needs.

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