Pre-Employment Testing Putting Job Seekers to the Test Using An Employee Performance Platform
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Pre-Employment Testing Putting Job Seekers to the Test Using An Employee Performance Platform

HR Managers and Hiring Managers have used their instincts to decide the faith of the business personnel they acquire. Using face to face interviews, probation periods, management and pure judgement to gage insight into the skillset, work ethic  and core values of applicants, ( a cumbersome tasks), nonetheless, filled with hypothetical what ifs. Now the presence of the next generation has been emerging with the use of large personality assessments and employee performance software to provide factual and statistical evidence to the recruitment process Employee testing .

As HR questions have now has been driven to deciding what’s the best recruitment software for the; with that being said;  let’s introduce you to Teamglide.

Teamglide™ is an employee performance and recruitment platform. Where you can expand and develop your workforce.

Teamglide™ works to:

  • Increase the performance of teams and employees
  • Recruit the most suitable potential prospects into your organization using pre-employment testing.
  • Assist with the on-boarding process
  • Assist professionals in finding their job openings with our cutting edge career portals and global job search engine.

 Using it’s programs:

  • Pre-Employment / Employee Testing
  • Recruitment Pipeline
  • Performance Reports
  • Global Job Search Engine
  • Custom Test Creation
  • Team Creation
  • Employee Performance Index
  • Performance Analysis Forecast

About Teamglide’s Pre- Employment Testing

Teamglide’s academic, aptitude, personality, and skills tests provide applicable, concise and objective data to help you make the best informed decisions within your recruitment and selection process.

Teamglide’s amazing testing can also assist you through the adequate training and development of your employees; with our comprehensive test portfolios that are filled with reliable tests designed by renowned psychologist.

For employers, optimized hiring is smart move. Pre-employment testing, allows professionals to find the most suitable potential employees can improve the productivity and employee turnover in your organization. Employee performance software speeds up the recruitment process tenfold. Furthermore, employee performance platforms (optimized hiring) eliminates the human biases that come into play when searching for a “cultural fit”. Ultimately, Teamglide’s interactive application allows for users to create job openings, recruits prospects, screens recruits, evaluate employee performance, and test employees knowledge and potential performance on any specific job role.


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