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Dina Brown
State Highlights: Challenges To States Abortion Laws Stack Up At Supreme Court; California Prison Suicide Rates Still Going UpMedia outlets report on news from California, Tennessee, Georgia, Minnesota, Washington, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Texas and Ne...Imagine His Terror: Unanswered Emergency Calls Physical Abuse Among Issues Of Neglect Found At Georgia Senior HomesIn the latest in its series on nursing home conditions, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigation of senior care faciliti...Turning To Each Other: Pain Guilt Stigma Haunt St. Louis Mothers Who Lost Their Sons To Gun ViolenceTherapy isn't a solution for many of the African American women. Connecting with other mothers who have lost sons offers some...Health Care Deserts: Nearly 80Percent Of Rural U.S. Designated As Medically UnderservedTo report on the growing problem, The Washington Post spotlights communities in Texas -- where 159 of the state’s 254 countie...Pfizer Executive Chairman Ian Read To Retire At The End Of The YearAlbert Bourla, the company's chief executive, will assume the post on Jan. 1. Also, a roundup of other recent developments fr...Veterans Active Duty Military Cite Lack Of Service On Prescriptions From Pharmacy-MiddlemanSince 2009, Express Scripts has held the exclusive right to serve as pharmacy benefit manager to 9.5 million active-duty troo...Absence Of Opioids Makes Pain Management Challenging In Operating Delivery Rooms In Poorest CountriesUnlike the U.S. where there's an abundance of opioids, orthopedic doctors in Gambia don't have the ability to medicate patien...First Edition: September 30 2019Today's early morning highlights from the major news organizations. Article Source : Stand By Meds For ADHD But Some Say Therapy Should Come FirstWhen children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, stimulant medications like Ritalin or Adderall are...Her Biopsy Report Was Benign. But The Bill Is A Spot Of Contention.Brianna Snitchler was just figuring out the art of adulting when she scheduled a biopsy at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Se...States Target Vaping With Bans. In California The Action Is Local.States are piling on. Michigan took the first statewide shot at vaping early this month when it announced a ban on the sale o...The opioid crisis in numbersMost people who spend time in health care are aware of the opioid crisis. But how bad is it really? The National Institute fo...Better Medical Waste Management ResolutionsHave A Solid Plan For Optimal Safety And Regulation: Here’s What Medical Waste Producers Must Do! It’s a good time for medica...Regulated Waste vs Non-Hazardous WasteThere is a category of waste that is considered non-hazardous waste but is still regulated when we talk about what to do with...BOA Biomedical seeks to address antibiotic resistance and sepsisHarvard’s Wyss Institute and VC firm Miraki Innovation have created a joint venture BOA Biomedical, which is developing a dev...Pfizer gets positive top-line results from Phase III atopic dermatitis studyThe company is developing abrocitinib, a JAK1 inhibitor, for the disease. Incyte is also developing a topical formulation of ...The importance of HIPAA risk assessmentsFailure to comply with HIPAA safety standards can lead to large fines and, in extreme cases, the loss of medical licenses. On...Proposed regulation to protect privacy of substance abuse patients is an improvement but is it enough?The proposed revisions to protect privacy of substance-abuse patients such as opioid users are a step in the right direction ...
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