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Not Content to Simply Drink Local These 8 Brewers Forage Ingredients from Nearby Lots Yards and Forests10/22/2019, 2:53:28 PM As more brewers prioritize local ingredients and agriculture, a back-to-the-land ethos has become increasingly palpable in th... Founders Accused of Racism Denies Seeing Black Employees Race10/22/2019, 4:53:26 AM In an ongoing lawsuit between Founders Brewing and former employee Tracy Evans, who sued the company for racial discriminatio... The Revolutionary Coffee Shops Bringing Craft Beans Back to Brazil10/21/2019, 2:53:24 PM It’s the end of the coffee harvest in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, and a warehouse in the capital is buzzing with life. ... Goose Island Brewmaster Keith Gabbett Says Pilsner Is a Thing of Beauty10/21/2019, 2:53:23 PM In May 2019, Keith Gabbett was named brewmaster for Goose Island Beer Co. Although new to the role, Gabbett is no rookie — he... Ask Adam: If a Cocktail Recipe Calls for Club Soda Can I Use Seltzer?10/21/2019, 2:53:23 PM Got a question? Email If a recipe calls for club soda can I use seltzer? With all the sparkling waters n... Natural Wine Takes Australia10/21/2019, 2:53:22 PM For the last decade or so, natural wine has slowly been making its way into the global conversation thanks to a group of wine... Five Quintessential Red Wine and Food Pairings and Why They Work10/20/2019, 8:53:15 PM Some people proclaim you “must” drink white wine with fish, or that red meat equals red wine; but those people are wrong. Whe... Kentucky Whiskeys Claim Top Three Spots In 2020 Worlds Best Whiskey Awards10/18/2019, 11:14:31 PM Jim Murray, industry expert and author of the annual best-selling Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, has awarded three of his top acc... Anheuser-Busch Says MillerCoors Stole Beer Recipes Trade Secrets10/18/2019, 9:14:24 PM Legal tensions between Anheuser-Busch (A-B) and MillerCoors escalated on Thursday, after A-B filed a complaint with the feder... Got Milk Stout: Craft Beers Hazy Respect for Iconic Intellectual Property10/18/2019, 5:14:30 PM This year has been rife with legal battles involving breweries. Anheuser-Busch is entangled in a lawsuit for allegedly hijack... 9 Things You Should Know About Vega Sicilia10/18/2019, 3:14:29 PM Bodegas Vega Sicilia is considered the crown jewel of Spanish wines. Since its founding in 1864, the winery has brought inter... According to 10 Somms: Why Do You Recommend German Wine?10/18/2019, 3:14:29 PM There are few wines that excite the sommelier community like German Riesling. In the last few decades, German winemakers have... Baileys New Flavor Tastes Just Like a Red Velvet Cupcake10/17/2019, 7:14:12 PM Baileys Irish Cream has announced a new product in partnership with the popular bakery Georgetown Cupcake. Beginning this wee... Best Practices: Sazeracs Are Boozy but Balanced10/17/2019, 4:58:32 PM “It is consistently the most inconsistently made cocktail in the world,” Chris Hannah, proprietor of New Orleans’ Manolito an... Should All Restaurants Really Have Signature Cocktails?10/17/2019, 4:58:32 PM As the craft cocktail renaissance spread to restaurants and bars across America, it quickly became the expectation that every... Hop Take: We May Be Drinking Less Beer but Were Spending (and Caring!) More10/17/2019, 4:58:31 PM Consumers are drinking less beer, but spending more on it and caring more about it, according to a recent Nielsen survey. “Va... Comparing Napa vs Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon (Video)10/17/2019, 4:58:31 PM In this tasting we explore two very different Cabernet Sauvignon wines that provide helpful clues to identify the style you p... El Coto Rioja Crianza 2015 Rioja Spain10/17/2019, 2:58:33 PM There is a common belief in the wine world that smaller is better – that low-production wines from small producers are better...
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