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Not Content to Simply Drink Local These 8 Brewers Forage Ingredients from Nearby Lots Yards and ForestsAs more brewers prioritize local ingredients and agriculture, a back-to-the-land ethos has become increasingly palpable in th...Founders Accused of Racism Denies Seeing Black Employees RaceIn an ongoing lawsuit between Founders Brewing and former employee Tracy Evans, who sued the company for racial discriminatio...The Revolutionary Coffee Shops Bringing Craft Beans Back to BrazilIt’s the end of the coffee harvest in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, and a warehouse in the capital is buzzing with life. ...Goose Island Brewmaster Keith Gabbett Says Pilsner Is a Thing of BeautyIn May 2019, Keith Gabbett was named brewmaster for Goose Island Beer Co. Although new to the role, Gabbett is no rookie — he...Ask Adam: If a Cocktail Recipe Calls for Club Soda Can I Use Seltzer?Got a question? Email If a recipe calls for club soda can I use seltzer? With all the sparkling waters n...Natural Wine Takes AustraliaFor the last decade or so, natural wine has slowly been making its way into the global conversation thanks to a group of wine...Five Quintessential Red Wine and Food Pairings and Why They WorkSome people proclaim you “must” drink white wine with fish, or that red meat equals red wine; but those people are wrong. Whe...Kentucky Whiskeys Claim Top Three Spots In 2020 Worlds Best Whiskey AwardsJim Murray, industry expert and author of the annual best-selling Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, has awarded three of his top acc...Anheuser-Busch Says MillerCoors Stole Beer Recipes Trade SecretsLegal tensions between Anheuser-Busch (A-B) and MillerCoors escalated on Thursday, after A-B filed a complaint with the feder...Got Milk Stout: Craft Beers Hazy Respect for Iconic Intellectual PropertyThis year has been rife with legal battles involving breweries. Anheuser-Busch is entangled in a lawsuit for allegedly hijack...9 Things You Should Know About Vega SiciliaBodegas Vega Sicilia is considered the crown jewel of Spanish wines. Since its founding in 1864, the winery has brought inter...According to 10 Somms: Why Do You Recommend German Wine?There are few wines that excite the sommelier community like German Riesling. In the last few decades, German winemakers have...Baileys New Flavor Tastes Just Like a Red Velvet CupcakeBaileys Irish Cream has announced a new product in partnership with the popular bakery Georgetown Cupcake. Beginning this wee...Best Practices: Sazeracs Are Boozy but Balanced“It is consistently the most inconsistently made cocktail in the world,” Chris Hannah, proprietor of New Orleans’ Manolito an...Should All Restaurants Really Have Signature Cocktails?As the craft cocktail renaissance spread to restaurants and bars across America, it quickly became the expectation that every...Hop Take: We May Be Drinking Less Beer but Were Spending (and Caring!) MoreConsumers are drinking less beer, but spending more on it and caring more about it, according to a recent Nielsen survey. “Va...Comparing Napa vs Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon (Video)In this tasting we explore two very different Cabernet Sauvignon wines that provide helpful clues to identify the style you p...El Coto Rioja Crianza 2015 Rioja SpainThere is a common belief in the wine world that smaller is better – that low-production wines from small producers are better...
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