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SEO in Orange County Prepare for 2020 Happy

SEO in Orange County – Prepare for 2020

Happy Holidays! At razwerks, our SEO experts in Orange County are hoping you and yours had a very successful, and fulfilled 2019.

With many companies already prepared for the year 2020, here’s a hot marketing agency trend you won’t want to miss.

Voice search.

“The total voice searching user base among US adults is 42.7” and this number is only going to get bigger in 2020.

To be ready for voice searching, you have to understand that voice search is all about natural phrases people search for.

For example, we are currently optimizing one of our roofing contractor clients website content for voice search. What we found is a lot of homeowners in the Orange County area will search for a plumber using the voice search feature on an Apple or Android device, and use a long-tail phrase like “who is the best roofer in Irvine?”

Up till now if you were a roofing contractor, you website may have bene targeting “roofer Irvine” or “roofing contractor Irvine” but with 2020 and the significant increase in voice search that this year will bring, its time to optimize for long-tail phrases that would capture what your customers are searching with the aid of voice search.

The razwerks SEO Orange County Agency can help with this and all your online advertising needs, give us a ring today! (949) 627-4771 or visit http://www.razwerks.com

And Happy Holidays!

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