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SEO in Orange County CA: Page Speed Optimizati

SEO in Orange County, CA: Page Speed Optimization

Google just indicated that they will be focusing on page speed as a major ranking factor in 2020. That means, that where as in 2019 your OC SEO campaign could overlook a slow loading website and you could still rank 1st, that will no longer fly for your SEO Orange County campaign.

Google already indicated in 2019 that page speed would be important for Orange County SEO & businesses. It’s a factor for all businesses on Google. What they didn’t do was penalize businesses that have a slow loading speed.

That is pretty standard for Google, they often move slowly towards changes. Why now? Well page speed is a direct contributing factor towards a good or a bad user experience, and Google is heavy on the user experience that the top websites provide in Orange County and everywhere else.

They want users to get the best user experience. So optimizing your website should be a top priority for your SEO Orange County campaign. In some cases you can optimize the site and get the load speed to be between 3-5 seconds (this is where you want to be), in other cases you need to do that with a combination of other things, and in some rare cases you will need a web site designed. You can check your current page speed at http://www.gtmetrix.com.

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